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Copies of all non-electronic resources have been assembled in a centralized library located in MR-5.

 Resources Specific for Standards
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Standard 2: Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal

An institution conducts ongoing planning and resource allocation based on its mission and uses the results of its assessment activities for instituional renewal. Implementation and subsequent evaluation of the success of the strategic plan and resrouce allocation support the development and change necessary to improve and to maintain instituional quality. (Ref.: Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 2002. Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education.)

InformationWebsite or Originating Office
Designs for Excellencehttp://www.msche.org/publications.asp
Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Educationhttp://www.msche.org/publications/CHX06060320124919.pdf
CCP Institutional Self-Study - 1993Academic Affairs Office M2-34
Middle States Evaluation Team Response - 1993Academic Affairs Office M2-34
Periodic Review Report - 1999Academic Affairs Office M2-34
CCP Institutional Self-Study - 1983Academic Affairs Office M2-34
Office of Institutional Research Websitehttp://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/
2000-2004 Strategic Plan and Progress Report
  • External Scan
  • Internal Scan
  • Steering Committee and Sub-committee minutes
Environmental Scan Libraryhttp://tango3.ccp.cc.pa.us/tango3/docs/html/ir/index.htm
2003 Facility Master Plan
  • Meeting minutes
2000-2003 Technology Planhttp://http://www.ccp.cc.pa.us/tcc/index.htm
Marketing PlanOffice of Communications - M1-24
Clarus Market Research ReportDivision of Communications and Government Relations - M2-5
Assessment Planhttp://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/Assessment_Plan.pdf
Fact Book (Annual Statistical Compendium)http://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/factbook/factbook.htm
CCP Mission Statementhttp://http://www.ccp.cc.pa.us/home/about/mission.html
Catalogue 2002-2003http://http://www.ccp.cc.pa.us/home/programs/catalog.html
Community College of Philadelphia Employee HandbookHuman Resources Office - M2-3
Enrollment StatisticsOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
Academic Program AuditsAcademic Affairs Office - M2-34
Chapter 335 documentationCurriculum Development Office - BR-74
CCP 2002-2003 Fiscal Year BudgetOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
Other Financial ReportsOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
Middle States Self Study Survey Results - IR Report #69http://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/ir_reports/ir_report_069.pdf
The Community College Goals Inventory - IR Report #68http://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/ir_reports/ir_report_068.pdf
Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges Statewide Database ReportsOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
Viewpoints / Journal of Developmental EducationDivision of Educational Support Services - W1-1
Annual Operating GoalsOffice of the President - M2-2
External Reports
  1. Perkins Local Plan
  2. OCR
  3. IPEDS
  4. ACT 31
  5. GRS
  6. Student Right-to-Know
  1. Division of Educational Support Services
  2. Affirmative Action Office
  3. Office of Finance and Planning - M2-6
  4. Academic Affairs Office - M2-34
  5. Office of Institutional Research - M2-35
  6. http://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/Security_Reporting.htm#RIGHT_TO_KNOW
NACUBO reportsOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
Facilities Management Evaluation ProgramFacilities Management Office - MG-17