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Copies of all non-electronic resources have been assembled in a centralized library located in MR-5.

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Standard 12: General Education

The institution's curricula are designed so that students acquire and demonstrate college-level proficiency in general education and essential skills, including oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical analysis and reasoning, technological competency, and information literacy. (Ref.: Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 2002. Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education.)

InformationWebsite or Originating Office
Designs for Excellencehttp://www.msche.org/publications.asp
Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Educationhttp://www.msche.org/publications/CHX06060320124919.pdf
CCP Institutional Self-Study - 1993Academic Affairs Office M2-34
Middle States Evaluation Team Response - 1993Academic Affairs Office M2-34
Periodic Review Report - 1999Academic Affairs Office M2-34
CCP Institutional Self-Study - 1983Academic Affairs Office M2-34
Office of Institutional Research Websitehttp://www.cpp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/
2000-2003 Technology Planwww.cpp.cc.pa.us/tcc/index.htm
Assessment Planhttp://www.cpp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/Assessment_Plan.pdf
Catalogue 2002-2003www.cpp.cc.pa.us/home/programs/catalog.html
Course offeringswww.cpp.cc.pa.us/home/programs/offerings.html
Academic Program AuditsAcademic Affairs Office - M2-34
Chapter 335 documentationCurriculum Development Office - BR-74
Grade Distribution reportsOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
Highlights of Institutional Research Findings from the Last Five Years (May 1999) - IR Report #104Office of Institutional Research - M2-35
Middle States Self Study Survey Results - IR Report #69http://www.cpp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/ir_reports/ir_report_069.pdf
The Community College Goals Inventory - IR Report #68http://www.cpp.edu/vpfin-pl/ir/ir_reports/ir_report_068.pdf
Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges Statewide Database ReportsOffice of Finance and Planning - M2-6
External Reports
  1. Perkins Local Plan
  2. OCR
  3. IPEDS
  4. ACT 31
  5. GRS
  6. Student Right-to-Know
  1. Division of Educational Support Services
  2. Affirmative Action Office
  3. Office of Finance and Planning - M2-6
  4. Academic Affairs Office - M2-34
  5. Office of Institutional Research - M2-35
  6. http://www.cpp.edu/vpfin-pl/Security_Reporting.htm#RIGHT_TO_KNOW