2002 Facility Master Plan
2000-04 Strategic Plan
2000-03 Technology Plan
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2002 Facility Master Plan

2002 Facility Master Plan

This website provides background information on the 2002 facility master planning progress currently underway. It is anticipated that the 2002 Plan, which is an update and expansion of the 1997 Plan, will be completed by June 2002. This site contains background and concept documents that have been prepared as a part of the current planning efforts. The following documents are currently available:

Planning Process Overview and Status Report on the 1997 Master Plan

2002 Facility Master Planning Assumptions

Potential 2002 Master Plan Space Goals

2002 Facility Master Planning Meeting Minutes - Academic Affairs

2002 Facility Master Planning Meeting Minutes - Student Affairs

2002 Facility Master Planning Meeting Minutes - General Administration

(The documents are in PDF format. Clcik here to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

These documents will be updated and additional documents added during the planning process.

Many of the goals in the Facility Master Plan are based upon directions set in the College's 2000-04 Strategic Plan and 2000-03 Technology Plan. You may access these plans by clicking on the following:

2000-04 Community College of Philadelphia Strategic Plan

2000-03 Community College of Philadelphia Technology Plan

Comments and suggestions with respect to the 2002 Facility Master Plan should be sent to the Steering Committee in care of thawk@ccp.cc.pa.us.