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• The Online Master Schedule Maintenance Form

Why do we use the Online Master Schedule Maintenance Form (MSMF)?
In an attempt to expedite your requests, Academic and Student Success Operations has asked that you use the Online Master Schedule Maintenance Form. This Form includes all of the relevant information for adding, canceling, and changing sections.

To whom do I submit the form?
Your division dean will tell you the procedures for submitting a request to add or delete a section. Requests for maintenance to existing courses can be forwarded directly to the Scheduling Office (Credit Courses) or Vanessa Brown (Non-Credit Courses).

Why do I need to complete the form to cancel a class? Can't I just email you the CRN?
It's very easy for someone to enter CRN 45678 instead of 45687. Completing the form provides us with other identifying information that enables us to prevent these mishaps. We also need to know if we're canceling a section that's part of a block, coreq'd, linked, cross listed, etc. The form serves as a reminder to provide us with that information.

I want to add (or cancel) several classes at once. Do I need to complete several forms?
No. You can send an email or memo for multiple requests. However, we process the Online MSMF's first. So you may want to submit a form for each request if you just have a few.

I want to request/change a room assignment. Do I use this form?
No. You use the Online Room Change Request Form.

• The Instructional Space Request Form for Academic Classes

Where do I find the Instructional Space Request Form for Academic Classes AKA the online Room Change Request Form?
The form can be found at

When should I use this form?
This form should be used by instructors to request a permanent or temporary change in the General Purpose (GPC), Instructor Tech (ITC), Student Tech (STC), Active Learning (ALC), or Special Purpose Classroom assigned to his/her class(es).

Please note that instructors may request to be moved from one type of room to another to meet their instructional needs. However, instructors may not request to be moved from one room to another of the same type.

What is an Instructor Tech (ITC) Classroom?
An Instructor Tech (ITC) Classroom is equipped with a Smart Podium (SP), Electronic Cart (EC), Smart Board (SB) or 65" touch enabled flat panel display. These rooms allow faculty to completely integrate any number of multimedia elements into their classroom presentations, without reserving any external equipment from MMS.

What is a Student Tech (STC) Classroom?
A Student Tech (STC) Classroom provides each student with a computer workstation and in-room printing, along with an instructor's PC station. Certain rooms are equipped with a Smart Board or the flat panel display.

What is an Active Learning (ALC) Classroom?
Two ALC's are now available. For a complete description of those rooms and instructions on how to reserve one, please visit the Academic Computing Homepage

How do I reserve a room that isn't scheduled by Academic and Student Success Operations?
You should consult the Facility Use Schedule to determine who you should contact.

Do I need to complete the entire form?
No. You only need to complete three sections: "Information about Your Class", "Submitted by", and the section for the type of room that you are requesting.

I have multiple requests. Do I need to submit more than one form?
Yes. Each form is designed to capture the information relevant to a particular course. Multiple requests will necessitate submitting multiple forms.

Can I use the form to request space for an event other than a class?
If the event relates to your class (study day, review class, make up exam, etc.), the answer is yes. If you need a classroom for an event not related to a class (dept. meeting, club meeting, prof. dev. workshop, etc.), you should complete the Online Event Request Form.

Why do I need to provide you with so much information about my class?
This form will enable us to process your requests faster. Most of the information about your class can only be found on multiple screens in Banner and on Brio reports. Accessing this data is time consuming and delays the processing of your request. Our goal is to process your request as quickly as possible.

• The Final Exam Schedule

When will the final exam schedule be posted?
The target date for publishing the Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedule is Friday, November 8, 2019.

When will Fall 2019 Final Exams be held?
Fall 2019 Final Exams will be held Monday, December 9 through Saturday, December 14, 2019.

Why can't I find my class on the Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedule?
The Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedule only includes classes assigned to the 10A and 15A Part-of-Terms (POT). Classes assigned to any other POT will have their final exams on the last day of class, during their regularly assigned times, and in their regularly assigned rooms.

What can you tell me about the exam scheduling methodology?
Community College of Philadelphia's Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedule contains 26 time slots used for exams over six days. The Office of the Scheduler, under Academic and Student Success Operations, creates the exam schedule in consideration of several goals, ranked in order of priority:

  Assign each section to one exam time slot with a minimum length of 120 minutes
  Minimize the number of "conflicts" (occurrences of students with two simultaneous exams)
  Place reasonable time buffers between exams ("not too close together or too far apart")
  Provide the exam schedule to the College community ASAP

Why is the start time of my exam different from the start time of my class?
When possible, a section is assigned to a final exam time slot which closely matches its semester meeting pattern. For example, a section which meets in the evening during the semester will likely be assigned to an evening final exam time slot, one that begins after 5:00 p.m; a section that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will have its exam scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and a section that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays will have its exam scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday.

How will the final exam schedule be posted?
The schedule is announced in the following manner:

  A broadcast email is sent to each of our faculty members with the subject heading, "The [SEMESTER] Final Exam Schedule is now available." The following information is included in each of those emails:
  Detailed information about their course(s)
  The time, day, and location of their exam(s)
  The location of the Final Exam Website
  A link to the Final Exam Schedule is placed on the MyCCP Portal, a website that is frequented by our staff and students.

Can I change the day and/or time of my exam?
Since the Office of the Scheduler developed the final exam schedule with the goal of minimizing exam conflicts, it is virtually impossible to honor a request for a change to an assigned exam time slot. A single change to the exam schedule may introduce a myriad of new conflicts, so each change request must be analyzed to assure that no direct conflicts will result. Nevertheless, requests to change an exam's day and/or time will be considered.

Requests to change an exam's day and/or time for any other reason MUST be approved by your department head AND dean. The request should be sent to your department head via email and include the following information:

Your class information (Subject Code, Course Number, Section, and CRN). For example, ANTH 101 003 43215
A cogent reason for the proposed change in the scheduled time. 
The new day and/or time you would like to hold your final exam which must be one of the preapproved exam time blocks.
If approved by your department head, your request will be submitted to your dean for final approval. If your request is approved by your dean, it will be forwarded to the schedulers for processing.

How do I go about changing the room assignment for my final exam?
Email your request to and Please use "FL19 Final Exam Room Change Request: CRN 4xxxx" as the subject line. Emails with this subject line will be given priority until the process is completed.

What do I do if one of my students has an exam conflict?
An exam conflict occurs when a student has two exams or a class meeting and an exam scheduled for the same day and time. If an exam conflicts with a class meeting, the student should attend the class. Instructors holding exams are expected to make suitable arrangements for their students. You are encouraged to consult your department head or dean for suggestions on how to address the conflict. If the conflict involves two exams, one of the instructors will usually allow the student to take his or her exam with another class at another exam time.