Office of Academic Affairs

 Mission and Vision


The mission statement for Academic Affairs declares:

Academic Affairs includes faculty, staff and administrators whose primary responsibility is assuring an excellent education for students. We provide leadership and are accountable for teaching and learning outcomes at Community College of Philadelphia. As part of the College community and in support of the College mission, goals and values, we provide the means for successful college transfer, employment and life-long learning.

Vision We will be a vibrant academic community that:
  Values academic quality and integrity
  Creates innovative approaches to education that increase learning
and serve as models for excellence in urban education
  Adapts to external forces in ways that improve who we are and what we do
  Inspires a commitment to teaching and learning that promotes student success
  Encourages collaboration in ways that maximize outcomes
  Uses the mission commitment to preparation for work and civic participation as a linchpin for initiatives
CCP's Mission and Statement