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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Membership


Ott, ThomasDirector, Developmental Education and AssessmentW1-1P8530
Speakman, ElizabethAssociate Professor, NursingW3-498581
Freeman, DavidAssistant Professor, Social SciencesB2-48744
Grady, TheresaInstructor and Head, Department of Dental Assisting HygieneW2-5C8927
Harter, KathleenAssistant Professor and Head, Department of ChemistryW4-5F8416
Jewett, CarolVisiting Lecturer, Library ServicesL1-138397
Mulray, KathleenSite Administrator, Regional Center AdministrationN1-24972-6250
Nagaswami, GirijaInstructor, EnglishBR-048663
Nelson, Cheryl AnnAssistant Professor, EnglishNW230496-6040
Ren, HuizhenCoordinator, ESL/Bilingual Program, Educational Support ServicesW1-1Y8528
Scoles, PascalAssociate Professor, BHHS/Behavioral SciencesW2-458597
Tsai, TheresaAssistant Professor, CounselingM1-228049
Ex officio
Hirsch, SamuelDean, Educational Support ServicesW1-1T8491
Niven, MargaretAssociate Professor, DieteticsW4-5F8930