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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 10/29/2002


Attending: Tom Ott, Elizabeth Speakman, Huizhen Ren, Girija Nagaswami, David Freeman, Pat Scholes, Kathy Harter, Kathy Mulray, Theresa Tsai. ( Theresa Grady has a class conflict)

Correction to 10-22 minutes: Carol Jewett was mistakenly omitted from the attendance list

The committee received and agreed to accept Theresa Tsai's excellent report on Charge #2-A,B,C ( policies to protect students; rights). The report was based on interviews with Clemmie Solomon and Si Brown as well as research conducted in various college publications. Theresa noted that while policies are defined in a number of places there seems to be no central location to which students may be referred for information regarding the array of rights provided them. In addition, while policy regarding student rights appears well documented, the starting points and procedures related to process are not clearly defined nor do they seem consistently applied, though this latter point may be a necessary result of the wide range of issues that must be handled. Theresa concluded her report with a recommendation, accepted by the committee, that our report include a recommendation that an office staffed by a college appointed ombudsman be established where students may go to receive a clear understanding of the rights to which they are entitled and the process whereby those rights are protected.

We reviewed and approved Dave Freeman's drafts of the letter to be sent to Directors of college services to students related to Charge #3 ( Describe and evaluate assessment results used for improvement of student support services.) and the form on which their reply to our request would be made. It was agreed that the letter would be sent to the following college staff:
Victoria King-Garwood (Admissions), Kim Foulkes (Financial Aid), Debbie Allen Records & Registration), David Watters (Student Activities), Ollie Johnson (Athletics), Jim Canonica ( Academic Advising), Arnold DiBlasi (Academic Computing), Frannie DiRosa (Center for Disability), Tom Ott ( Assessment Center), Mary Ann Yannuzzi (Learning Lab), Joan Johnson (Library), Bob Garofola (NE Regional Center), Claudette Dia-Taylor(NW Regional Center), Lillian Smith (West Regional Center), Clemmie Solomon(Orientation & Retention).

A copy of the letter and form are included here as an attachment.

Next meeting is Tuesday, November 5 in W1-1N 12:00-1:30


  • Sam Hirsch will meet with us to discuss our work so far and Charge #1.

Tom Ott