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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 10/15/2002


To all,

At our 10-15 meeting attended by: David Freeman, Cheryl Nelson, Theresa Tsai, Liz Speakman, Carol Jewett, Kathy Harter, Huizhen Ren, Tom Ott, the following was conducted:

Of the reports distributed ( again, thanks to Liz for copying it all), we agreed to all scan each document but that individual members would become the committee's experts on the the following: Tom: 89; Liz: 93; Carol: 105, Pat Scoles:110; David: 119; Cheryl: 120; Theresa Grady:125; Kathy Harter: Strategic Plan. Such expertise will be important as we attempt to document or provide context for our findings.

David provided a draft of his cover memo to departments requesting Assessment Plan information as well as a form for providing that information. Various suggestions were made and David will bring a revised copy to our next meeting along with a tentative list of offices to be queried.

Cheryl reported that she has an appointment with Dr. Savannah Jones to discuss formal policies regarding student grievences.

For our October 22 meeting we will:

  1. Hear from Theresa Tsai who will report on her conversation with Si Brown regarding policies relating to student grievence procedure
  2. Hear from Cheryl regarding her interview with Savannah
  3. Review David's revision of his cover letter and form.

Thank you