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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 10/01/2002


Hello all,

At our 10-1 meeting there appeared to be consensus that with regard to charge 2-A, B, & C pages 113-125 of the Student Handbook clearly define the policies and procedures related to student grievances. Further, it was agreed that dissemination of the Handbook and its availability on request through Student activities satisfies the college's responsibility for making grievancepolicies available to all students. However, it was noted that under Student Appeals Procedure (121 ff) specific direction for locating the Student Appeals Advisor should be provided and this will become a recommendation in our report. In addition, with regard to Charge 2B, Cheryl Nelson will request of Dr. Gay information about whether a standard (consistent) Student Complaint form is used college wide.

With regard to Charge 2D, it was again noted that Academic Affairs seemed to provide less information to faculty about the importance of protecting student confidentiality than do areas such as Financial Aid and Records & Registration. We have not agreed if this will be noted in our report. We did reach agreement that the college meets its overall responsibility via the Mainframe screen message and the confidentiality alert provided with end of semester grades. However, we did remark that many areas lacked secure methods for disposing of confidential student information ( data forms, etc.). We agreed that our report should include a recommendation for a centrally located office for shredding such documents or the availability of shredding devices in Divisional suites. Further, it was agreed that we would recommend the use of student ID numbers rather than Social Security numbers when the college's new system is implemented.

Kathy Mulray and Dave Freeman agreed to begin work on charge 3. They will provide an interim report on Tuesday, October 15.

Next meeting is Tuesday, October 8 im W1-1N

Thank you