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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 09/17/2002


To: Standard 9 Middle States Committee
From: Tom Ott
Subject: Notes from 9-17 Meeting

Kathy Harter presented a reorganization of Liz Speakman's clustering of Student Support Services. Specific to the reorganization was the accepted identification and definition of two distinct phases of Student Support Services relative to the charge:

Enrollment Management: Services that affect contact with the college through arrival at the first day of class.

Student Life: Services that affect students once they begin their academic experience at the college.

The meeting was spent reviewing Kathy's extensive outlining of services in both categories and developing a final draft. Kathy will present the revised copy at our 9-24 meeting.

Kathy Mulray also presented an outline organized relative to four areas of student support: Student Systems, Student life, Educational Support Services and Community Services. Together with K. Harter's outline, we should be able to begin addressing the complications inherent in the first part of our charge.

In addition to K. Harter's presentation of the revised outline, at our 9-24 meeting, Theresa Tsai and Cheryl Nelson will will provide an interim report on their research of charge #2: A, B & C, and Girija Nagaswami and Huizhen Ren will provide an interim report on their research of charge #2D.

Next meeting: September 24 at 12:00 in W1-1N.