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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 09/10/2002


Hello all,

Much progress was made at our 9/10 meeting.

We agreed to focus for the time being on charges #2 & 3, given that they appear more manageable than #1 and should provide us a method for tackling the larger issues in the first charge. However, Kathy Harter will work on Liz' groupings of Support Services in the attempt to develop categories that are clearly Enrollment Management areas, clearly Support Services areas, and areas that overlap.

Theresa Tsai and Cheryl Nelson will begin work on charge #2: a,b,&c and Huizhen Ren and Girija Nagaswami will begin work on #2D. Both subcommittees will report on Sept. 24.

We discussed briefly charge #3. Kathy Harter suggested that there are institutional assessments available via IR but there seemed agreement that localized assessments ( by office) probably are not formally developed. This latter may be a recommendation that we make in our report should we find that such assessments are not routinely conducted by individual offices.. We will begin next week's meeting with a continuing discussion of the 3rd charge and assign a team to address it.

Next meeting Tuesday, September 17 12:00-1:30 in W1-1N.