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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 08/29/2002


Dear All,

Our committee met as scheduled on Thursday. The Federation's request to boycott the Middle States work until resolution of the Full-time faculty contract was, of course, discussed. Some faculty have decided to support the Federation's request; some have not. Please know that whatever decision you reach will be respected by everyone on the committee.

We have agreed to meet this Tuesday, September 3rd from 12:00-1:30 (bring lunch) in W1-1N ( ESS Conference room.). It is, of course, virtually impossible to find a time compatible with everyone's schedules, but all who attended Thursday can meet at this time, and we hope it will work for everyone else.

At Thursday's meeting we did a walkthrough of the charge and had the first of what will be a series of initial conversations in an attempt to clarify the charge and begin plans for pursuing the work. It is anticipated that three or so meetings should be sufficient for us to begin feeling comfortable with the direction of our effort.

The first order of business at this Tuesday's meeting will be to decide how we wish to handle the important task of taking minutes at each meeting.

Thank you.