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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 9 Committee Minutes: 03/11/2003


Present: Tom Ott, Liz Speakman, David Freeman, Kathy Harter, Carol Jewett, Kathy Mulray, Girija Nagaswami, Huizhen Ren, Pat Scoles, Theresa Tsai

We reviewed individual reports for the Library, Atheletics, Academic Advising, West Philadelphia Regional Center, Admissions, and the Health and Wellness Center.

Ott agreed to rewrite the ABE portion of the Admissions report.

Jewett agreed to forward to Ott additional comments on Library services at Regional Centers.

We noted that a separate section should be reserved in our final report to address issues related to website management.

Individual reports were distributed for the Learning Lab, Child Care Center, Bookstore, Academic Computing. This will be discussed at our 3-18 meeting.

It was agreed that each committee member would send a copy of his/her reports via e-mail to Liz espeakman@ccp.cc.pa.us. Liz will 1.) extrapolate information for our college presentation and 2.) assemble a compendium of all reports for distribution to all committee members.

It was again reiterated that once we have agreed on the final wording of a report for each area, it will be sent to the responsible Director for review and comment.

Tom Ott