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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 7 Committee Minutes: 2/11/2003


TIME:3:30 PM - 5:20 PM
PRESENT:Debbie Allen, Cathy Blaine, Fred Dukes, Ji Gao, Dawn Sinnott, and Kok Tam
  1. Ji Gao went over the three main focusing questions on sub-charge1. He also went over the documents reviewed and interviews held so far. We summarized the main perspectives and suggestions to the Writing sub-committee. In particular, we suggested that each unit should have a goal and self-evaluate it yearly. The goal should be tied to the mission statement of CCP. We also discussed the percentage of surveys returned, and why is it that low? A copy of suggestions and summaries on sub-charge 1 was submitted.
  2. Cathy Blaine shared her findings on sub-charge 4, the professional development for faculty and staff. We suggested that each department instead of having its own professional development program might have workshops together in teaching methods. Small groups may then meet to share experiences on teaching methods. A copy of the suggestions and summaries on sub-charge 4 was submitted.
  3. Fred Dukes and Kok Tam are in charge of sub-charge 2. We discussed the meaning of student outcomes, and the longitudinal method. The benchmark strategies to assess students' success relative to other 2-year colleges were also discussed. A copy of the suggestions and summaries was submitted.
  4. Debbie Allen presented her findings on sub-charges 5 and 6. The effectiveness of internal and external constituencies involved in assessment processes was discussed. The summaries and suggestions based on a number of documents were submitted.
  5. 5. Dawn Sinnott provided us with her instructive documents. The documents are not only guidelines for sub-charge 7 but also for all sub-charges in which we are interested. The generality, innovation, and effectiveness of assessment process in the unit level were discussed. Also, a very detailed summary and flowchart was submitted.

Follow-ups based on these discussions will be submitted to Ji Gao by this weekend, then the document package will be sent to the Writing sub-committee on next Monday, Feb. 16, 2003.