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Community College of Philadelphia


Charge to Standard 2 Committee


The ability to grow and respond thoughtfully to internal and external forces are the hallmarks of an effective planning process for a higher education institution. The College undertakes a wide range of extensive planning processes which incorporate all constituents of the College community. To be effective optimally, such processes must be coordinated to fully embody and facilitate the College's mission and vision. Recent planning efforts have included the development of a Facilities Master Plan, a Technology Plan, an Annual Operating Plan and the creation of a Strategic Plan which encompasses five major principles. The statement of principles, however, should not be the end of a successful planning process, rather an effective academic planning process leads to renewal, growth, thoughtful experimentation and development of continued, effective mechanisms for re-evaluation by the entire College community.

  • Describe and evaluate the use of the College's mission, goals and objectives in institution wide planning.
    • How does the College use data including environmental scans in the planning process?
    • Analyze the overall scope of the planning process to determine the level of congruence with College goals, mission and objectives.
  • Describe and evaluate how effectively the College uses its mission, goals and objectives in planning strategies and resource allocation.
  • Describe and evaluate whether the budget process adequately incorporates the actual needs of the College divisions and departments.
  • Analyze the recommendations resulting from the various planning efforts including the Strategic Plan to determine whether their objectives and outcomes are clearly stated and reflective of conclusions drawn from assessment results.
  • Assess the College's approach to planning to determine its effectiveness and in reflecting the College's vision and in stimulating renewal.
    • Evaluate whether all College consistencies are effectively involved in the above process.
    • Evaluate whether the College's efforts in this area effectively respond to external forces.
  • Analyze whether the College utilizes an effective method for assessment of progress made toward objectives and goals defined in its planning effort.
  • Describe and evaluate the effectiveness of the College's mechanisms for establishing priorities in decision making.
  • Describe and evaluate whether the College's planning processes are effectively communicated to the College community.