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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 2 Committee Minutes: 12/18/2002


Attendees:Donald Bowers, Francesca DiRosa, Connie Love, David Watters, Victoria King Garwood

Committee chairs announced two up-coming presentations on the middle states process.

  • The first is scheduled for January 6 at 2:30pm during Professional Development Week, and will be an overview of the entire process.
  • The second is scheduled for February 6, 2003 and will be exclusively about the work of the planning, resource allocation, and renewal committee. All committee members are encouraged to attend.

During their presentation on February 6, Don and Franny will discuss how planning should lead to renewal or revitalization in an institution. Using the plans reviewed to date, (Strategic, Technology, Budget, and the Clarus Report), the committee chairs will discuss our initial findings.

From this, a discussion ensued concerning the approval process for institutional plans, at what levels plans need to be approved, (for example President's Cabinet, the Board of Trustees, etc.) and at which levels the above-mentioned plans had been approved.

Connie Love presented a review of the Technology Plan as she, Victoria King Garwood, and Betty Cannon prepared it.

Members present discussed the interview schedule for early 2003 and agreed to extend invitations to Judy Gay, Savannah Jones, Lynette Brown-Sow, Sharon Thompson, and Sam Hirsch to meet with the committee.

Franny will notify the committee with the dates of upcoming interviews as soon as they are determined.