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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 2 Committee Minutes: 11/14/2002


Present: Don Bowers, Betty Cannon , Fran DiRosa, Bob Garofola, Clint Gould, Connie Love, Joe Paige, Steve Simons, David Watters

Fran distributed a list of the key questions that members should be considering when evaluating and deconstructing Planning documents.

Members working on the following Plans should attempt to answer these questions in written format and submit their work to the co-chairs at the next Committee meeting.

  • Facilities Plan (David and Clint)
  • Technology Plan (Betty, Connie, and Victoria)
  • Marketing Plan (Steve and Bob)

Members submitted their survey questions for review. Don will work on formatting the questions and forward them to Sharon.

There was an in-depth conversation regarding the role that priorities and outcomes should play in the planning process. Thus far, the committee has not seen evidence that these two variables at the core of the College's planning process. In addition, there is little evidence of a feedback loop being integrated into the planning process, thus allowing for little to occur in the way of institutional renewal.

The committee also discussed the need for members to define terms in an effort to develop a shared vocabulary among members.

The members agreed that that there needs to be more openness about the budget process and planning.

Fran will call to arrange for Tom Hawk to attend our next meeting.

The next meeting is Wednesday, December 4th in the ESS Conference Room (W1-1).