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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 2 Committee Minutes: 08/29/2002


Present: Don Bowers, Co-Chair, Fran DiRosa, Co-Chair, Clint Gould, Connie Love, David Watters, Bob Garofolo, Betty Cannon, Victoria King Garwood, and Steve Simons

Co-Chairs Bowers and DiRosa welcomed the Committee and proceeded with introductions.

The Committee reviewed and discussed the Charge. The eight questions contained in the charge were submitted to Middle States and have been approved for us to study and report.

A discussion ensued on the various questions and how best to approach the work.

By using College documents, including the Strategic Plan, the Technology Plan, the Facilities Master Plan, the 1999 Interim Report to Middle States, and the College Operating Plan, the group concluded it could determine if we were planning in relation to our mission and goals; are we fulfilling our mission, appropriately allocating our resources, and reviewing and re-assessing our work?

During the meeting, Sharon Thompson, Dean of Liberal Studies and Co-Chair of the Institutional Context Committee visited with the group members to thank them for their participation.

The Committee agreed to meet every other Wednesday during the fall semester, beginning Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 2:30pm in the W1-1 Conference Room.

For the September 11th meeting, the committee will read the College's Strategic Plan and the Mission Statement.

Minutes submitted by: Victoria King Garwood