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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 2 Committee Minutes: 2/19/2003


Attendees:Fran DiRosa, Don Bowers, Clint Gould, Victoria King-Garwood, Bob Garofola, David Watters, Steve Simons

The Committee met with Lynette Brown-Sow to discuss the Marketing Plan.



The issue surrounding the Board's approval of the Plan was addressed …Lynette did confirm that the Plan is not an approved Plan. The President accepted the Clarus Report/Marketing Plan and stated that he wanted to move forward with implementation. He did not move to the Board for approval.

Don Bowers asked how the President could have accepted the Clarus report as the College's Marketing Plan when in fact there are recommendations in the Report that the College cannot and will not ever implement, i.e. having the Regional Centers become full-service campuses or developing weekend and evening Nursing Programs. Lynette responded that the President would like to implement all of the recommendations in the Report, but the reality is that many of them will not come to fruition.

The Committee members concluded that what the College has at the present time is a Consultant's Report (Clarus Report) not a Marketing Plan. The question then arose as to how priorities are being set in the areas of Marketing and Enrollment Management.

Lynette responded that she and the Vice Presidents of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs met this past Fall in an effort to set such priorities to begin moving forward with implementation of some of the recommendations in the Report. However prior to moving forward with implementation of some key recommendations, the Vice Presidents listed 16 issues that needed to be addressed. Lynette shared that document and was asked to submit to the Committee for review.

Lynette stated that "synergy is lacking for moving forward with implementation." She also stated the College needs to work through the governance structure for implementation, however this structure is a problem that must be dealt with. Lynette also stated that no resources have been allocated to support what needs to be done.

Lynette stated that the process that preceded the development of a Marketing Plan was a good process, but things fell apart thereafter. The breakdown occurred in relation to resources and unrealistic priorities were proposed. Currently, she sees the sixteen issues that arose out of the Vice President's Fall meeting as an operational plan that can serve in the development of a larger more realistic Marketing Plan.

Lynette stated that there is no consensus or decision making occurring among the Vice Presidents. Further, she sees no connection among the existing Plans and that "after the fact planning" is occurring in an isolated and fragmented manner.