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Community College of Philadelphia


Standard 12 Committee Membership


Giddle, CynthiaAssociate Professor, EnglishM3-58868
McGorry, MarianAssociate Professor and Head, Department of Office AdministrationB2-22D8737
Borlandoe, JaniceAssistant to Vice President, Student AffairsM2-37B8162
Butler, AddieAssistant to Vice President, Academic AffairsM2-34D8357
Calabrese, FrankAssociate Professor, Behavioral SciencesW1-68203
Cantafio, ElizabethAssistant Professor, EnglishBR-23H8637
Cowley, AlexandraAssociate Professor, PhysicsW4-318608
Epstein, NinaCoordinator, Health Desk Support, Information Technical ServicesB2-388917
Fisher, JaeAssistant Professor, Library ServicesL1-038402
Gorchov, RobertAssistant Professor, Paralegal StudiesB2-22I8971
Jones, ToddAssociate Professor, CounselingW2-4A8177
Lynn, RosemarieAssociate Professor, Dental StudiesW1-198509
Presjnar, DavidInstructor, History/PhilosophyBR-25A8644
Ex officio
Hirsch, SamuelDean, Educational Support ServicesW1-1T8491
Niven, MargaretAssociate Professor, DieteticsW4-5F8930