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Community College of Philadelphia


Charge to Standard 1 Committee


As part of the 1992-1993 Self-Study Process, the Mission Statement became the subject of extensive review by the entire College community. This thorough examination of the College's philosophy, mission, assumptions, values and goals led to the drafting of the current mission statement, which was adopted by the Board of Trustees in Fall 1993. The adoption of the new mission statement led to the recommendation that the College undertake an on-going process to heighten awareness of the College's mission through activities such as orientation for new employees, curricular review and planning processes.

Essential to the concept of a vibrant and relevant educational institution is the on-going expression and evaluation of its mission, goals and objectives. The Strategic Planning Process undertaken in 2000 which resulted in the Strategic Plan 2000-2004 comprises the College's most recent statement of its goals and objectives. In particular, Strategic Principle 4 acknowledges that in order to assess and document the quality and effectiveness of programs and services, each unit must establish commitments, priorities and values that are consistent with the College's mission statement and which reflect a commitment to meaningful innovation.

  • Evaluate whether the goals set forth in 1993 have been met.
    • Is the mission effectively used to guide course and curriculum decisions?
    • Is the College community adequately aware of the College mission?
    • Has the College mission been successfully expressed to the outside community?
    • How does the College insure that its mission is evaluated through a review process that demonstrates its impact and currency?
  • Based on the results of the Fall 2002 Professional Development Week mission re-evaluation, determine whether additional mission review is warranted.
    • Does the mission statement reflect the College's role in the immediate geographic community, in the nation and in the world?
    • Are the mission, goals and objectives appropriate to the College's current place and for its present constituencies?
  • How does the College's Strategic Plan reflect the institution's mission, goals and objectives?
  • Evaluate the goal expressed by Strategic Principle 4 to engage the College community in unit mission review to determine its current effectiveness and potential institutional impact.
  • Analyze how the College goals and objectives as expressed in the Strategic Plan effectively focus on student learning and outcomes for institutional improvement.
  • Are the College goals and objectives, as expressed in the Strategic Plan, sufficiently flexible to allow for the College to effectively respond to opportunities and change?
  • Are the College's annual operational and educational goals sufficiently articulated with the Strategic Plan and communicated to the College community?