Date of Issue: July 1, 2000

The College enters into a wide variety of contracts, agreements, and leases in which insurance and hold harmless terms are included. Such agreements may apply to the following:

Because insurance and liability terms are included in each agreement, it is essential to insure that Community College of Philadelphia does not assume an undue liability burden. For example, one recent lease provision required Community College of Philadelphia to maintain and repair a building in which the College was renting two classrooms. Routinely-used contract language provided by another party may contain provisions which would not be in the best interest of the College. While the terms are frequently open to negotiation and change, the opportunity to make changes comes before the contract is signed. Therefore, all written agreements which pertain in any way to insurance, "hold harmless" agreements, or Community College of Philadelphia's obligations for liability, express or implied, should be reviewed in terms of liability prior to signing.

The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Planning is responsible for insurance and risk management and is in regular contact with the insurance broker and insurance carriers. To help insure that institutional interests are protected, please send agreements to the Office of Finance and Planning prior to submitting it to the President or designated authority for final approval. If there is any unacceptable or questionable language in the agreement, it will be brought to the attention of the contract administrator. The Finance and Planning Office will also provide the insurance certificate frequently requested in the contract agreements.

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