The Department of Security and Safety recognizes that accurate reporting is essential in determining time frames and locations of occurrences on campus which, in turn, affects the assignments of officers to various patrol areas. The Department encourages quick and accurate reporting of offenses by way of memoranda, advertising in the school newspaper, in personal presentations to the student body, and to parents during Freshman Orientation sessions.

Security personnel follow and enforce the policies and procedures set by the College, as well as appropriate local, state and federal laws. All serious incidents, commonly referred to as Part I crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, auto theft and arson are reported to the City of Philadelphia's Police Department. Additionally, the Philadelphia Police Department supplies the College's Security Department with a report of incidents that have been reported to them for the neighborhood surrounding each campus. Known and reported crimes against persons, on and off campus, are provided to the weekly student newspaper for publication. In addition, when circumstances warrant their use, the College will employ Closed Circuit TV, Bulletin Boards, Voice Mail and printed flyers to provide timely notice of criminal activity on and around the campus.

Should incidents arise which are beyond the capability of College's security staff, city police will respond and assist in the proper handling of an incident. Security guards are not authorized to carry or discharge weapons on campus and do not receive training for certification under the Pennsylvania Act 120. Security staff receive in-service training in such areas as proper handling of incidents, investigation and reporting of incidents, fire safety procedures and customer relations.


To provide for the security and safety of those using college facilities, certain policies have been put into place by the college. Of particular importance are the following: Access to the college facilities requires a currently validated identification card, current roster, alumni card or guest registration (available at each security reception desk, located near the entrance to each building).

The use, possession or sale of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs by any student, staff member, faculty member, visitor or vendor is forbidden in any of the facilities of the college. These policies are further addressed in the ALCOHOL & DRUG PREVENTION PROGRAM brochure which is mailed to all students and posted on the Human Resources bulletin board. This brocure sets forth the prevention, counseling and treatment programs available through the college, to students and staff. Copies of the brochure are available in the Student Affairs and in the college's Human Resources office.

The possession and use of weapons on campus is prohibited. This policy is set forth in the college Policies and Procedure Memorandum No. 118. Copies are available in the security office (M1-23) or on-line at the college policy web page.

Employees and/or students with criminal records are handled on a case by case basis. Should the record of a given individual be viewed as posing a risk to others at the college, appropriate action will be taken by Human Resources and/or Student Affairs.


In accordance with the Federal Campus Safety and Security Act of 1990 and the Pennsylvania College and University Security Act of 1988, all incidents are tabulated and recorded in the College Safety and Security brochure. The PDF Crime Statistics document is available here, or by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Copies are also available in the Security office.

The statistics which appear under the heading "2004 Crime Reporting Statistics" show the number, rates, and types of incidents reported for the most recent calendar years at each campus. Calendar years extend from January 1st through December 31st. The rates cited were calculated per 100,000 FTE's (Full Time Equivalent) students and staff.

As an example:

If there were 18,979 FTEs and 10 assaults were reported, then the rate would be calculated as follows:

100,000 = 5.3 X 10 (Assaults) = 53

This is to say that there are 53 assaults on campus for every 100,000 FTE students and staff.

These rates are for your use when comparing similar reports from other local institutions of higher education.

Community College of Philadelphia reports its statistics annually to the Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Department of Education.

The Office of Student Life and the Campus Security work closely regarding any situation involving students that might require emergency response or law enforcement intervention. Reports are shared between the offices regarding any student arrested or accused of a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which could have an impact on the College Community.

All incidents should be promptly reported to the nearest security officer or contact SECURITY EMERGENCY (X5555) or dial 215-751-8111 to reach the Department's communications center. Phones are located in corridors throughout the main campus and regional centers for convenience. For each incident reported, an investigation is conducted and a complete file is created. If warranted, the Philadelphia Police Department is contacted for assistance.


To assist you in understanding the categories referenced in the tables we are providing the following descriptions of some of the major crimes as defined by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting system:

Crime Statistics (pdf file)

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