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Past Projects

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Projects 2013-2014

This project's primary goal is to provide students with a new avenue of communication by which they may give suggestions and express concerns (a sound-off booth). The hope is that the opportunity will help relieve some of the everyday frustration that students often experience just because they are dealing with a large institution.  We also hope to direct the feedback to appropriate departments to raise consciousness about student issues and perhaps stimulate changes when possible with the ultimate goal of improving student retention.

(Allan Kobernick, Yvonne Ellis, Monique Black, Osvil Acosta-Morales

Culture of Advocacy
This project aims to identify why students most at risk of dropping out may not be utilizing the services in place to help them succeed and, if services are being utilized, how the students experience them.  We will identify areas for improvement within service areas and College-wide.  Student/staff interaction is an area that the initiative will evaluate as well.  It is hoped that empowering and equipping staff with the language, resources and tools for improved student interaction will foster a “culture of advocacy” where students feel their progress is important to those they look to for guidance, assistance and support.


(Anela Gjika, Angela Miles, Carlos Diaz)

CCP 101
“CCP 101” is a project designed to provide information, resources, support, and continuous training to Student Affairs staff in order to better assist students, continuing but especially new, in making the transition to college as seamless as possible.  Mini courses throughout the academic year will provide information to foster a better understanding of the processes that students must go through to get on the right path.  CCP 101 will demonstrate how interdependent the various departments are upon one another.


(Lyndsey Grace, Jeffrey Haines, Desiree Rivers)

Steps on the Path
Two important factors in addressing and recovering from mental health issues are being able to build a network of peers and having access to support services.  The project will provide resources for students regarding emotional well-being.  Pertinent information will be accessible manually and electronically in a comprehensive resource guide.


(Rainah Chambliss, Wanda Gibson, Maria Littles, Billy Love)

Projects 2011-2012

Enrollment Services Video Tutorials
Produce a series of video tutorials that students can access online to guide them through essential Enrollment Services activities such as registration and course selection. As the College’s online presence grows and the number of students taking advantage of our distance learning opportunities increases, these tutorials will offer an added layer of support that can enhance students’ college experience.
(Patti Calandra, Malissa Farrish, Lynette Luckers) Mentor: Bhavesh Bambhrolia

Giving Student Involvement a “Face”
Utilize social media communication tools (Facebook and Twitter) to promote campus activities and social events to students. Increase student awareness and interest in these activities by highlighting the benefits of participation through these popular communication tools. Students that the project is especially seeking to engage are those at regional centers, seniors, parents, Gateway to College students, ESL, part-time, evening/weekend and distance learners. (Wanda Butler Caldwell, Aimie Contarino, Carol A. Smith) Mentor: Jenavia Weaver

Reference Guide for Security
Create and distribute a clear, concise campus location reference manual for each security station throughout the College. The guide contains department name, location and summary of functions for the most traveled to areas by students and visitors. Security officers will be more informed and confident when providing directions to those requesting it, thus alleviating the directional frustrations that may lead to students and visitors having a poor experience while on campus. An online version is planned for fall 2012. (LaVern Allen, Kate Martin, Rasheed Williams) Mentor: Charles Schaffner

Projects 2010-2011

Choices: Exploring your Path to Possibilities

Provide a new avenue for students to learn about the College, one that focuses on the wide range of potential pathways that can be explored.  This experience brings high school students in close contact with successful College graduates in a variety of fields and at a variety of levels in those field and provide an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the multiple paths available at the College, while hearing personal stories from people who have been there.  (Tamika Curry, Kalala Kabongo-Mianda, Diane Kae, Kristen Starr)  Mentor:  Luke Kasim

The CCP Alternative Spring Break

Develop and implement a domestic service learning project to be held during the College's spring break. Students and chaperones travel to a designated site and assist in the construction of a building or other community service as needed. Students explore the designated area and are exposed to new and different cultures and keep journals during the trip to enhance their writing skills and provide and outlet for reflection.  (Aimee Hagedorn, Jeff Markovitz, Susan McAnany, Jason Popp)  Mentors:  Ron Jackson and David Greene, Student Affairs

A Bridge to College

Provide orientation sessions aimed at middle school students and their parents to help them think about how best to prepare for college and how to navigate the college application process.  Create a companion website which will echo information presented at the sessions, so interested students and parents can pursue these resources more easily.  (Joan Goffe, Kathleen Murphey, Lynne Sutherland, Tammy Wooten)
Mentor:  David Thomas

Projects 2009-2010

Developing Community for International Students

Host a program during this year’s International Week to help build a bridge between the international and general student population.  Utilize a video on culture shock followed by a discussion on the topic.  (Cathy Collins, Marianne Mielke, Theresa Payne, Colleen Kelly)  Mentors:  Linda Fellag and Sharon Thompson

Academic Check-Up (Student Affairs initiative)

Provide self-awareness, increase knowledge of current curricula, and increase retention.  All degree-seeking students would be required to schedule an “Academic Check-up” meeting before earning 24 credit hours to review and revise their educational plan as necessary.  (Catrina Cameron, Larry DeAngelis, Anne Dempster)  Mentors:  Ron Jackson and Jermaine Williams

MTM (Motivational Team Building and Mentorship) for Gateway to College

Offer strategies to help at-risk students’ in the Gateway to College Program develop a sense of community and self as it relates to being a college student in both the classroom and other social venues.  (Stephanie Booker, Cherise Shane, Nichole Webster, Louisa Wilson)  Mentors:  Judy Gay and Carol Smith

Character Education Curriculum Map

Final MTM Report Survey Questions

College Etiquette 101

Create video using scenarios to illustrate college etiquette not only in the classroom, but also in other areas of the College. The video will illustrate how poor etiquette can be detrimental to the college learning experience. (Betty Handy, Lucy Tinkcombe, Jalyn Warren)  Mentors:  David Watters, Allan Kobernick, Kirsten Quinn

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Projects 2008-2009

Timely Online Reminders and Tips for Students’ Success

Create reminders and tips related to course information/academic progress, advising/registration, financial aid, and co-curricular activities and make this information available at relevant points in the semester.  (Charis Felton, Maryann Lyons, Girija Nagaswami, Leanna Phan) Mentors: Ron Jackson and Jermaine Williams

Placement Test Preparation Workshops

Develop non-credit workshops to assist incoming students who must take the placement test in preparing for the test by accessing knowledge they already possess and addressing stress management for an optimal testing experience.  (Kathryn Birster, Jackie Butler, Gina MacKenzie)  Mentors:  Bea Jones and Mike McGeady

Getting to the Other Side: Degree Tracking/Advisement Project

Develop an advising worksheet to serve as a tool for students in tracking their academic progress and as a resource for advisors during advising sessions.  (Vanessa Brown, Henrietta Hadley, Sarah Iepson) 
Mentor:  Lisa Cooper

Projects 2007-2008

CCP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Establish a centralized and immediately visible location for standardized FAQs which will enable students, staff, and faculty to quickly and easily find answers to common questions about Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising, Counseling, Records and Registrations, and Student Life. Creation of a style guide for departments to follow when creating future FAQs.  (Sandra Gonzalez-Torres, Jennifer Sheppard, Tanya Stewart-Austin, Aerie Webb)  Mentor:  Sam Hirsch

CCP VetConnect:  An Online Community for Veterans at Community College of Philadelphia

Establish a lounge-like virtual place for veterans to receive relevant information about navigating the College and to communicate with each other on topics of an academic and support nature. (Bhavesh Bambhrolia,  Sarwee Nyankun, Faith Watson)  Mentor:  Sharon Thompson

Library Services Video Project

Develop a student-centered video to help students navigate the Library and all its resources.  This project will serve as a model for other student videos focused on additional resource areas at the College.   (Samuel Coleman, Lisa Handler, Carol Jewett)  Mentor:  David Watters

watch the video

Projects 2006-2007

Civility: Focus on Sexual Orientation and Gender Equity

College wide discussion of sexual orientation and gender equity to help raise consciousness, tolerance and build civility in our Community College of Philadelphia community.  (Lyn Buchheit, Bianca Cummings, Josie DiGregorio)  Mentor:  Simon Brown

S.C.O.R.E. - Student Classroom Orientation and Retention Efforts

Address and raise awareness of classroom experiences and their impact on student success. Survey of experiences in the areas of Student/Teacher Interaction, Student/Student Interaction, and Physical Environment. (Terry Naana, Lucila Paramo, Kimberly Taylor-Benns)  Mentor:  Aram Terzian

Utilizing Syllabus Design to Promote Student-Centered Learning

Provide interested faculty with tips and tools to develop a student-centered syllabus.  The delivery method will be a presentation to the College community and a web page with syllabi models in addition to links for further information.  (Michele Claybrook-Lucas, Melissa St. Pierre)  Mentors:  Judy Gay, Tom Ott

Projects 2005-2006

Focus on Core Values: An Awareness and Implementation Campaign of the Student Code of Conduct (Know the Code)

Raise campus awareness of issues related to academic integrity in general and the CCP Student Code of Conduct in particular. (Marianna Chiaravallotti, Kathryn Duffy, Brian Seymour, Denise Solomon)  Mentor: Marvin Bright

Map to Success

Design a foldout map to show students where to go for help on a number of critical issues that contribute to academic persistence and success. (Gil Gonzalez, Wayne Morris, Julie Simmons, Dena Sukol) Mentor: David Watters

“Quick Tips” for Faculty

Provide useful information in order to enhance point of entry and continuing faculty support for both main and regional site teaching staff. (Maria Diaz-Aparicio, Christina Knox, Michael Remshard)   Mentor: Mary Anne Celenza

Sustained Co-Curricular Programming at the West Regional Center

Increase the presence of Student Activities at the regional center long term. (Diane Brisbon, Lori Johnson, Bridget Scott, Matthew Shupp) Mentor: Claudette Dia-Taylor

Projects 2004-2005

By the Book: Understanding and Streamlining the CCP Student Textbook Acquisition Process

Make book information available on College web site to enable students to purchase books in advance. (Jim Landers, Janis Laurie, Tarsha Walton)   Mentor: Sharon Thompson

Alumni/Student Lobbying Activities

Involve and educate alumni and students in role they can play in insuring continuing existence of community colleges. (Connie Duval, Judy Guy, Vida Wright)  Mentor:  Sue Piergallini

Men of Color: Path to Power

Increase retention of incoming African-American and Hispanic males through a series of seminars on academic and social issues of interest to the group. (Ardencie Hall-Karambe, Samantha Drake, Jason Cohen) Mentor:  Marvin Bright

The Student Portal Tutorial Project

Develop a tutorial for students on how to use the student portal and how to utilize the resources available to them. (Dawn Sinnott, Huizhen Ren, Carline Rucker, Carmen Austin) Mentor:  David Watters

Projects 2003-2004

A Guide to Enrolling at CCP

Create a flow chart of the step-by-step process to enrollment. (Eve Highstreet, Michael Stern, Suzanne Felix)

Why are so Many Textbooks Unavailable for Students at the Start of the Semester?

Identify the reasons/causes and the effect on student engagement and persistence. (Kathy Mulray, John Pinto, Roger Garbett, Anthony Driggers)

Improving Communications: Enhancing Quality Customer Service through Professional development Training

Help employees better understand what quality customer service is; increase morale; demonstrate positive customer service behaviors in daily performance. (Michael Harry, Patti Savoni, Theresa Marsh)

The Majors Fair

Empower undecided students to make better choices by increasing their awareness of options regarding majors, programs, degrees and transfer opportunities. (Jim Canonica, Jane Jacobs, Deb Coley)

Projects 2002-2003

Pilot Program Academic Transition for Students on Academic Probation

Increase the retention of students at the College by working collaboratively with the academic departments and their students who have been placed on academic probation. The second part of the project is to ensure that academic policies are fair and apply to all students equally. (Carmen Serrano)

Establishment of a Teaching and Learning Institute

Improve student learning outcomes by enhancing faculty professional development at the College.
(Francie Blake, Randy Libros, Jacqueline Wong, Eileen Abrams)

Suggested Guidelines for the College’s Classified/Confidential Staff Professional Development Program

Through the Contract the College has made a commitment to a more comprehensive staff development program for employee job enrichment that will lead to additional support for students, faculty, administrators, and the entire College community. (Brandee Allen, Eric Massenburg, Marian McGorry)

“CCP 101”

Assist new students in understanding and navigating the College enrollment process. (Peter Baratta)


Develop a continuous loop tape showing the variety of activities, programs, and students on Main campus. (Theresa Grady, Jenavia Thompson-Weaver)

Adjunct Appreciation Reception

Enable part-time faculty to form closer connections to the College and become more integrated into the life of the College as well as more aware of resources available. (Kathy Smith, Deb Rossi)

Alumni Speaker Series

Bring together current employers, alumni, faculty and students.  Provide career planning and employment development strategies. (Tarsha Scovens, Lyvette Brooks)

Editing Workbook for Learning Lab

Support developmental writing classes. (Neil Wells)

Research of International Faculty Exchange Programs Involving U. S. Community Colleges

Explore possibilities of developing an International Faculty Exchange Program at CCP. (Arlene Caney)

Introducing Community College Students to the Process of Lobbying for Increased Funding

(Karen Schermerhorn)