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Instructional Space Request Form for
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This form is used to reserve
instructional spaces for events unrelated to academic classes (department meeting, clubs, etc.).

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Advance Scheduling of Instructional Spaces for the FL18 Semester

All requests may now be submitted.

Advance Scheduling of Instructional Spaces for the SP19 Semester

Faculty members and departments acting on their behalf may submit requests for instructional spaces beginning Monday, 12/3/18. Requests must be submitted no later than Friday, 12/21/18.

Student clubs & organizations may submit room requests for instructional spaces for the SP19 Semester beginning Monday, 11/26/18. For student clubs & organizations, requests must originate from a College employee in Student Affairs authorized to request instructional rooms.

Exceptions for reservations that must be scheduled more than five weeks before the start of the semester may be submitted and will be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic and Student Success for approval. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but the ability to schedule additional classes during the enrollment cycle to meet the needs of our students must remain our first priority when assigning space.

Important Notice: Classrooms are used for class instruction, study or other like activity. Events in instructional spaces must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms. Non-class events are welcomed, but they must not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, or the surrounding area. Activities that are not compatible with instructional spaces include amplified music, dances, dinners, parties, events that require re-furnishing of rooms or removal of equipment. Non-compatible events include any event that adversely impacts the classroom directly, or that impacts research, study or other academic pursuits in areas adjacent to classrooms. Those events should be scheduled in conference rooms, auditoriums, community spaces, and other similar spaces. See the Facility Use Schedule for a list of those rooms. This notice does not apply to The Sandra E. Klein Cube, P2-03.

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Note: This does not take the place of a formal request submitted to Facilities Management. To submit a request for Facilities Management support, please complete and submit a Facilities Services Work Order.

Multimedia Services Support to be Requested:

Note: This does not take the place of a formal request submitted to Multimedia Services. To submit a request for MMS support, please email Joseph McFadden.

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