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Human Resources offers a wide variety of training and development workshops and learning opportunities for both faculty and staff, designed to enhance personal and professional development. Whether you are seeking skills training, personal exploration and development, ways to maximize your team's potential, or strengthen supervisory skills, programs are available to suit your needs.


Management Training
Customer Service
Navigating Change
Performance Evaluations: How to Use This Key Organizational Tool
General Open Curriculum
Lunch & Learn

Welcome to CCP LearnU.


LearnU, avilable to our current faculty and staff, provides many learning and development opportunities that will support your professional development and growth.  LearnU is filled with hundreds of learning modules, online books, videos, articles, job aids and other reference material - all of which are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

To begin using LearnU click this link to learn how to request a username and password.  Human Resources will respond to your request via email with your personalized login information.

With a username and password you are now ready to begin using LearnU.  Click on this LearnU link in order to view the catalog, organized by topic.  Then click on the "source link" of your selected topic.  If required, you'll be asked to enter your username and password in order to access the materials.

Staff and faculty eligible to use LearnU are those who are currently employed in a regular faculty or staff appointment.

For additional information please contact Ellen Fernberger at ext. 8083.


Skillsoft elearning

This link will provide you with the catalog of training options developed by Skillsoft and offered through their Skillport online media.  There are two broad categories of programming divided into Business Skills and the Desktop Collection.


On-Request Training

HR can provide you with personalized training opportunities on particular subject areas, targeted and offered to your department. We will work with you to develop curriculum, deliver programming, or identify a trainer who can meet your specific needs.


Navigating Change

Who Moved My Cheese

Based on the #1 best-selling book "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson, this simple yet profound story of four characters who are faced with change has created breakthroughs for individuals and organizations worldwide, radically altering the way they respond to change. Using an activity-based, highly interactive approach, this workshop creates the opportunity to discover, discuss and alter your responses to change. Participants will develop new skills to successfully initiate and manage change in their organizations and to coach others to do the same.

Participants will:
  • Learn to work with current change challenges
  • Alter the way you look at change, so that it works to your advantage
  • Be able to read the handwriting on the wall: indicators of change
  • Discover how to relate to others in your organization by recognizing four distinct behaviors and attitudes about change
  • Discover specific strategies that help people support change initiatives
  • Unleash the power of vision: visualizing your new cheese
  • Develop "maze skills" you can use in any situation to help you change and win

Customer Service


The incredible film that launched the FISH! Philosophy movement!

Seattle's World Famous Pike Place Fish is an otherwise ordinary fish market that's extraordinarily successful. The work is hard and the hours are long - yet these employees make a personal choice to bring amazing passion, playfulness, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day.

Watch FISH! once because it's fun, but watch it over and over because it's fundamental to satisfying work and delighting customers. That is why thousands of organizations worldwide, such as Saturn, Sprint and Southwest Airlines, have adopted its vital message.

FISH! has created a new vocabulary of what our jobs could be about. It's so simple that it's profound. It won't just change how you view about work; it may change how you view life.

Sounds fishy but if you cast a line, you can be assured you will catch something, and maybe it will be the BIG one.

General Open Curriculum



Understanding Yourself and Others:  Behavioral Styles

A common experience in people's lives is that they notice that their family, friends and coworkers don't experience the world in the same way they do.  Using a behavioral model you gain insight into how and why people understand and approach the world in such different ways.  We will discuss how recognizing different behavioral styles can be used to understand and relate to others more effectively.



Workteams and the Wizard of Oz

The universally loved film classic serves as the basis for an entertaining and informative training film illustrating the power of teamwork. It's a magical and entertaining journey into what makes teams successful. Originally produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the 1939 and starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, "The Wizard of Oz" was designed as a groundbreaking approach to business training films.

Ken Blanchard, the internationally known management expert, takes viewers along with Dorothy and her companions as they pursue a shared objective. He shows how Dorothy draws on her inner resources, builds a team, delegates tasks, and empowers others to take risks imaginatively and creatively.

Workteams and the Wizard of Oz is a powerful and unusual tool for teaching the principles of productive teamwork and leadership skills that make it happen. The film proves that teams can reach their goals, no matter how diverse their members or how difficult the undertaking, when they put these principles into practice. Participants will learn:

  • The importance of working toward a clear goal
  • The value of diversity and adversity
  • How small successes reinforce commitment



Go Team Go: Managing Team Performance

Managing a team is a complicated process in the best of times. During times of change it becomes that much pricklier, with a new layer of anxiety added. Join us at this workshop as we explore the pathways to managing your team's performance in changing times. We will diagnose the characteristic of a high-functioning team, and assess the blending of different personality types that build a successful team. And we'll play some games and have fun too!


Managing the Time of Your Life - Stress & Time Management

In this day and age of multi-tasking, have you found yourself in a whirlwind of activity? Are you caught-up on a treadmill that seems to run faster and faster, but you never get anywhere? In this workshop we will explore everything from planning, prioritizing, and procrastinating, to setting realistic expectations and limits in your personal and professional life.



The Thinker's Toolkit - Powerful Techniques for Creative Problem-Solving

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."
Abraham Maslow

Creativity has long been accepted as an essential individual and organizational competency. Unfortunately, far too many individuals, teams and organizations try to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to creative problem solving, often leading to disappointing results-because each new problem or creative endeavor requires a tailored approach.

According to the bestseller, Creativity At Work, by Jeff De Graff and Katherine A. Lawrence, creativity can be defined as "a purposeful activity (or set of activities) that produces valuable products, services, processes or ideas that are better or new." The act of creativity requires a Thinker's Toolkit of techniques for setting free blocked creativity and rote thinking.

In this workshop you will practice the whole brain creative problem-solving techniques detailed in the bestseller The Thinker's Toolkit - 14 Powerful Techniques for Problem-Solving by Morgan D. Jones. You will leave the session energized and with an increased ability to not to see every problem as a nail because your toolkit will be loaded with creativity.



Butting Heads: Dealing With Conflict and Anger

Conflict in any relationship is inevitable - it's how we handle conflict that matters most. Regardless of the situation, before you decide to throw in the towel, run or say or do something regrettable, try putting the key principles of Dealing With Conflict and Anger into action. In this seminar, you will be asked to embrace the following concepts from the book, Dealing With Conflict and Anger, edited by National Press Publications:

  • Stop believing that conflict is bad- capitalize on its positive aspects
  • Separate people from problems and fact from fiction.
  • Tune into what others are really saying-verbally and non-verbally.
  • Search out areas of mutual agreement and build from there.

This workshop will also include "empowering solutions for those who would rather run than fight" from the bestseller, The Coward's Guide to Conflict by Tim Ursiny, Ph.D. You will leave this session with practical tools, checklists, exercises, assessment tools and action-oriented strategies that will assist you as you face up to people and issues that cause conflict and anger?while leaving blame, hurt feelings and resentment behind.



Planning for Your Retirement

As we approach those "golden" retirement years there's much to consider.

  • How do I determine how much money I need to accumulate to retire and maintain my standard of living?
  • How can I calculate whether I'm saving enough to meet that target?
  • What can I expect to receive from Social Security and Medicare?
  • What kinds of legal issues do I need to think about as I move into my retirement years?
  • What will I do with my time during those retirement years, and where will I live?

Please join us for a jam-packed, fun-filled session designed specifically for us - Community College of Philadelphia faculty and staff who are 50+. Come learn from the experts, including representatives from:

  • Social Security
  • Fidelity
  • Fox Rothschild
  • Carebridge



Performance Evaluations: How To Use This Key Organizational Tool

Employee performance evaluations need not be an onerous chore but an opportunity for employee development. The focus of this session is on the many benefits of properly planned and conducted employee performance evaluations.

You will learn:
  • The true purpose of employee performance evaluations
  • The foundation of appraisal programs
  • The steps to accomplishing an effective performance appraisal process
  • The pro?s and con?s of performance evaluations
  • How to eliminate bias from the appraisal process
  • How to plan and prepare yourself and your staff members for an effective, efficient and productive review that lessens anxiety and stresses current and future performance
  • How to communicate necessary changes and modifications required for individual and group success
  • Use the process to foster future improvement
  • Deal with difficult employees with poor performance



Management Training Program

This 9-step Management Training Program is intended for managers and supervisors, and provides both theoretical and practical knowledge concerning supervising staff in a higher education context. A variety of learning methods will be used, including small and large group discussions and activities, partner exercises, individual self-assessments, role-play and video. The emphasis is on an interactive experience for participants. Each session incorporates real-life situations in order to provide participants with an opportunity to practice what is learned in a low-risk environment (thereby facilitating the transfer of skills to the job). Participants will also develop an action plan for implementing the skills when they return to work.

  1. Employment Law 101
  2. HR Basics: Policies, Procedures & Contract Administration
  3. Understanding & Managing Yourself & Others
  4. Total Performance Management
  5. Harassment & Discrimination - The Law and CCP Policies & Procedures
  6. Go Team Go: Managing Team Performance
  7. Leadership Excellence: How to Walk the Talk
  8. Hiring Right -The Recruitment & Hiring Process
  9. Ask The HR Expert


Employment Law 101

The introduction to the Management Training Program, this initial class will begin the process of training managers and supervisors on management benchmarks for CCP employees. This session will provide a broad overview of key legislation and legal issues that impact managerial and supervisory practices. Employment discrimination, harassment, interviewing, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), terminations, progressive discipline, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws as well as other relevant federal and state employment laws are reviewed and there implications for College supervisors are highlighted.

HR Basics: Policies, Procedures & Contract Administration

This session will provide you with the foundation for the CCP Management Training Programs. At this session we will review and discuss:
  • CCP policies and procedures
  • HR's roles and responsibilities
  • Your roles and responsibilities as a manager
  • Management of corrective actions, including the College's progressive discipline processes and procedures
  • Contract administration and the College's collective bargaining agreements


Understanding & Managing Yourself & Others

Supervisors? awareness of themselves and others and their skills in self-management and interpersonal relations are addressed using the Emotional Intelligence model. At this session, participants will learn:
  • To recognize and manage your own biases, hot buttons, conflicts, motivations, and emotions at work
  • How your leadership/managerial style impacts those you supervise and your ability to achieve workplace goals
  • To practice the team leadership style with its high focus on both productivity and people
  • How to apply motivational theories to enhance staff performance
  • To value workplace diversity and skills for managing multicultural individuals and teams
  • Interpersonal skills for working effectively with direct reports, supervisors and colleagues, and for resolving supervisory challenges.


Total Performance Management

After focusing on developing self-awareness and interpersonal skills, this session will concentrate on applying these skills to develop, manage, and appraise the performance of your staff. In this session you will learn:
  • Skills for setting performance standards, delegating assignments, and holding employees accountable
  • Feedback, coaching, counseling, and appraising skills for managing the performance of excellent, satisfactory, and poor performers
  • A focus on common employment laws such as Title VII, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, and others, to avoid costly mistakes when managing, disciplining, and terminating employees
  • How to effectively administer progressive discipline, if necessary
  • When to seek consultation with the Human Resource Department to resolve personnel issues


Harassment & Discrimination - The Law and College Policies & Procedures

What is diversity? Any why is it important? This session is designed to assist in deepening diversity awareness, enhancing skill development, and provide information related to a broad range of diversity topics, cross-cultural understanding, and institutional equity. Intended as a primer and overview you will learn about harassment and discrimination law, our College policies/procedures/process, your role and responsibility as a supervisor/manager, and the role of the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunities & Affirmative Action. As a manager/supervisor, harassment concerns or complaints may be initially raised with you. Are you prepared to effectively respond to or, if necessary, conduct an investigation of a harassment complaint? Included in this session is a review of the formal and informal complaint processes and procedures.



Go Team Go: Managing Team Performance

Managing a team is a complicated process in the best of times. During times of change it can be much pricklier, having added a new layer of anxiety. At this workshop session we will explore the pathways to managing your team's performance. We will diagnose the characteristic of a high-functioning team, and assess the blending of different personality types that build a successful team. And we'll play some games and have fun too!



Leadership Excellence: How to Walk the Talk

In today's competitive environment, managers must adopt new strategies in order to lead effectively. In this workshop, we will explore critical leadership strategies for becoming a more effective leader. Participants will assess their own leadership style and effectiveness. Participants will learn how to create staff commitment and involvement, how to lead by example and "walk the talk".



Hiring Right - The Recruitment & Hiring Process

Filling a vacancy or new position can be a time consuming and challenging task for any supervisor. Legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and our internal Affirmative Action policies prescribe hiring and interviewing procedures that are designed to guard against discrimination while ensuring that qualified candidates are hired. Competency-based interviewing is the process of conducting an interview that ensures the consistent hiring of qualified/competent and diverse staff. Key to ?hiring right? requires a clear understanding of the knowledge/skills and abilities/education/experience (KSA), and the critical success factors (CSF) for the position.


Ask the HR Expert

This final session in the Management Training Program will provide you with an opportunity to talk about and seek advice concerning challenges and dilemmas within your department. This is intended to be an open, interactive forum.


Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn offerings include:
  • Orientation to Carebridge - the College's EAP
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Stress Management: How to be Resilient
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Behaviors
  • Holiday Stress
  • Sleep Disturbances: Sleepless Nights and Sleepy Days
  • Talking to Your Kids About: Drugs & Alcohol