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Assistant professor Michelle Myers, right, with Denice Frohman, the spoken word poet featured at the Nov. 4 Writing OutLOUD workshop. Photo by Earni Young.

Spoken Word Poet Helps to Ease Racial Strife

Michelle Myers does not hesitate to give you a piece of her mind, whether she is in or out of the classroom. On the job, assistant professor Myers is a reading and writing specialist in the College’s Learning Laboratory. But in her free time, she is a nationally known artist of the spoken worda visceral, in-your-face style of contemporary poetry.

Half Korean and half Caucasian, Myers believes that spoken word can help bridge racial division. She has volunteered her talent as a poet and spoken word artist to go into Philadelphia public schools and help diffuse racial strife between Asian and African-American students. That tension erupted in violence in December 2009 at South Philadelphia High School. It was no surprise to Myers.