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College Snapshots

Rock the Vote 2012

Miss USA Olivia Culpo

On Sept. 25, Miss USA Olivia Culpo was among the celebrities to roll onto the Main Campus with the Rock the Vote Road tour bus for a voter registration rally. Rock the Vote organizers said they registered 154 new voters during the five-hour event on 17th Street in front of the Athletics Center. Fifty students received new college IDs that can be used as state-approved voter IDs at the polls. A Pennsylvania judge has since ruled that state officials cannot enforce a new voter identification law in the November 2012 presidential election.

Job Hunting Made Easy

Pennsylvania Career Coach

On Oct. 2, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania launched Pennsylvania Career Coach, a first-of-its-kind, statewide, free online tool designed to help students and job seekers find opportunities and make the right career choices. Community College of Philadelphia is the first educational institution to use the program developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. "Career Coach takes job hunting to the next level," says President Curtis. “It connects high school graduates and displaced workers to available jobs and to the colleges and universities that offer degree programs.” PA Career Coach provides up-to-date local employment data, such as current and projected job openings, recent job growth areas, estimated earnings and occupations that match with a user's current skills and knowledge, as well as specific educational programs in the local area that will prepare an individual for a given occupation. Click here to learn more.

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Fall Professional Development

Pennsylvania Career Coach
At the winning table from left are Marcia Epstein, Connie Watson, Ronald Jackson, Derrick Perkins, Pete Watkins, Sandy Harrill, Larry Arrington, Sandra Gonzalez-Torres and emcee Jocelyn Sirkis.
Pennsylvania Career Coach
Ron Dixon and Bridget Scott
Pennsylvania Career Coach
From left, players Anela Gjika, Loretta Masciantonio and Todd Murphy

The College welcomed 30 new employees at the opening of Fall Professional Development, which included seminars and informational sessions for faculty, staff and administrators. This year’s seminars included titles such as "What Faculty Need to Know about Enrollment Services Procedures," and "Students Gone Wild,” which dealt with disruptive behavior. Professional Development also introduced a focused series of seminars that explained the history of community colleges, the history of community college assessment and legal issues of particular concern to community colleges. On a lighthearted note, the luncheon on Tuesday, Aug. 28, featured an enthusiastic game of “Everyone's Playing Trivia,” in which tables competed against each other in three rounds of challenging trivia questions covering a variety of topics. The game was a rousing success. “Many people told me that the best thing about the game was that it gave players the opportunity to mix with people they didn’t already know. After all, the best strategy for winning at trivia is to team up with people from a variety of backgrounds, academic disciplines and generations,” says director of Professional Development, Jocelyn Sirkis, who emceed the festive luncheon. 

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In the News…

Education Matters
President Curtis tells the Philadelphia Inquirer: "At every level of government, education needs to be a top priority. A society can't move forward if it's not educating its citizenry. It's 'Pay me now, or pay me later.'" Read more.

College Changes IDs to Help Students Vote in Pa.
The College changed its college ID cards this fall so they can be used by students who want to vote. Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law states that college photo ID cards must have an expiration date in order to be accepted at the polls. “We have a long history of encouraging civic engagement on part of students,” President Curtis told WHYY Newsworks. A Pennsylvania judge has since ruled that state officials cannot enforce a new voter identification law in the November 2012 presidential election. Read more.

Report: Only 96,000 Jobs Added in August
New student Alfreda Brundidge is looking forward to her course in network and database administration. Despite the disappointing job numbers, Brundidge tells CBS 3 news reporter Jenn Bernstein that she is confident of finding employment once she completes the certificate course. Read more.

How Far Back Can You Remember?
Julie Gurner, assistant professor, Behavioral Science, speaks with NBC News reporter Bill Briggs about how the brain processes early childhood memories. Read more.

Cops: Class in Session
Many Philadelphia police officers say that going back to school has improved their understanding of the social issues relevant to day-to-day police work, the Northeast Times Star reports in a Sept. 9 article about officers attending Community College of Philadelphia with the help of scholarships from the Kal and Lucille Rudman Foundation. Read more.