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Volume 17, Number 4
July 28, 2009

College Snapshots

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah Greeting conference attendees photo

Rep. Fattah Hosts Stimulus Conference

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah and President Curtis greet one of the attendees at The Fattah Stimulus Conference held at the College on May 27. Nearly 600 small business representatives registered for the free event. Fattah hosted the event, which brought together representatives from numerous agencies to provide information on U.S. stimulus dollars and other funding for small businesses. James Creedon, Pennsylvania’s General Services secretary and Chief Stimulus Implementation officer, provided specifics on how the stimulus program will be implemented in Pennsylvania. In addition, procurement officers from government and quasi-government agencies shared information on certifications, available contracts and preparing to do business with the government. Photo provided by Thera Martin Connelly.

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President Curtis with Barbara Hill photo
Photo provided by E. Young.

Classified/Confidential Awards Luncheon Celebrates 25 Years

President Curtis congratulates the 2009 Classified/Confidential Employee of the Year, Barbara Hill, at the 25th Annual Classified/Confidential Employees Luncheon held Wednesday, May 13 in the Bonnell Building cafeteria. Hill also was employee of the month in July 2008. In addition to an award plaque and a gift certificate, Hill was given the rest of the day off.

Classified Luncheon group photo
Classified/Confidential employees were all smiles at the annual Classified/Confidential luncheon. Photo provided by E. Young.
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Bruce Rush & Mark Krushner photo
Photo provided by E. Young.

Feed the Soul

Bruce Rush (left) came to the Main Campus on April 22 looking for recruits for his “Real Men Cook for Charity” bash on Father’s Day, June 21. Mark Kushner (right), director of the College’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management programs, and his students prepared a hearty breakfast to entice amateur cooks and potential volunteers to listen to Rush’s recruitment pitch. This is the 20th anniversary of the national charity event, founded in Chicago, that honors fathers and the positive accomplishments of African-American men in their communities. It has become an annual fund raiser held in five major cities, including Philadelphia. Rush needed at least 60 gentlemen cooks to prepare their signature dishes and 1,400 or so support volunteers for the family friendly gastronomic event held at First District Plaza in Philadelphia. Proceeds from ticket sales go to a variety of charities.