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June 1, 2009

Walk Wednesdays

W ith warm weather approaching and their required community rotation underway, second-year Nursing students Brielle Thompson and Deneen Coates were inspired to launch a new program at the College. Walk Wednesdays began April 1, with students, faculty and staff invited to join the Nursing students on 20-minute walks around the Main Campus.

Nursing graduates Brielle Thompson (left) and Deneen Coates (right) lead Walk Wednesdays.

“We wanted to get everyone kick started into losing weight and leading healthier lifestyles,” said Thompson, who explained that the plan was to get people moving and active instead of sitting around eating pizza or other high-fat foods.

To illustrate the dangers of an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, the women displayed vials of fat and models of clogged arteries on their information table in the Bonnell Cafeteria. They also had handouts available to give participants more information about walking for health, including calculations of the number of calories burned during a 20-minute walk.

Two walking courses, one outside and one inside, were selected to give participants a moderate but beneficial workout. The indoor course included laps on different floors of the West Building, while the outdoor course circled the perimeter of the campus. While walking the courses, the women shared healthy living tips with participants.

Thompson and Coates graduated from the College in May, and they hope to pass the Walk Wednesdays program along to the next group of second-year Nursing students.