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CCPTV’s Hottest Videos Go Global

Woman of Willendorf
Woman of Willendorf

Monica Hahn is surprised when a student or friend mentions they’ve seen her on TV. Although she’s worked on several of the Art History shorts for CCPTV, it’s easy to forget that the College’s cable TV channel reaches a subscriber base of more than 330,000.

Even if only a small percentage pause their remote on Comcast channel 53 or FiOS channel 21, that’s a lot of eyes. And then there is YouTube, iTunes U and Philly in Focus, websites where the videos are posted. Some of the Art History shorts have drawn views from 80 countries.

Allan Kobernick, director of Multimedia Services and producer of CCPTV, is using video to promote the College as an attractive and interesting place to learn. In them, he showcases the talents of students and faculty. “We use College faculty to host all of our shows, including ‘Car Corner,’ ‘The Chefs Cook’ and all of the short public service announcements,” says Kobernick. “Every time someone watches one of our shows, they experience the depth of talent and quality that the College has to offer.”

The most popular CCPTV video on YouTube is a three-minute presentation on the historical significance of the ancient Woman of Willendorf sculpture, which is narrated by Art and Design chair Brian Seymour. It registered 3,152 YouTube views in 2012.

All CCPTV content eventually ends up on YouTube. So far, CCPTV has archived 206 shows on YouTube, and there is still a backlog.

The CCPTV videos cover a range of important topics. The Career Services Center provides quick tips to help job hunters with writing résumés and cover letters, and performing well in job interviews. Another series of shorts, “Voices from the Margins,” is led by Social Science instructor Alison Watts and students from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. The LGBT shorts feature students who share how they survived challenges.

Kobernick says he always is on the lookout for new shorts and shows to air on CCPTV. He encourages faculty, staff and students who have creative ideas to contact him.

“I consider this one of the most important parts of my job,” he adds. “We welcome new ideas.”

CCPTV is on the air 24/7 and is currently running about nine hours of non-repeating programming daily.

Most Popular CCPTV YouTube Videos in 2012
Video Views
Art History Abbreviated: Woman of Willendorf 3,152
Art History Abbreviated: Claes Oldenburg 2,134
Art History Abbreviated: Doryphoros (Spear Bearer) 446
Art History Abbreviated: Narmer 413
Art History Abbreviated: Hagia Sophia 308