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Reap the Benefits of a Degree

An associate’s degree from Community College of Philadelphia is becoming increasingly important to Philadelphians.

A degree from the College helps law enforcement officers and firefighters get promoted more quickly and opens doors to additional career options. Philadelphia’s Police Department and Fire Department award bonus points on promotional examinations to individuals with a college degree. Pennsylvania identifies paralegals, legal assistants and correctional officers as high priority occupations, and an associate’s degree is needed for these careers. Most of the College’s Fire Science, Justice and Paralegal program graduates stay in the area and fulfill the workforce needs of Philadelphia.

For many program graduates, the College is the first step toward a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Students save tuition dollars by attending the College for two years,and many take advantage of our transfer agreements to area institutions. These individuals may also benefit from program-specific scholarships.

Graduates of these programs enter an impressive variety of careers. Fire Science graduates have become fire safety specialists in the insurance, health care and education industries. Justice graduates have moved up in rank through the Philadelphia Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Some Paralegal graduates go on to earn bachelor’s degrees and law degrees. Philadelphians are using education to get the job they want and create their own career path.

Educating our workforce is vital for improving the economic future of Philadelphia and its residents. The College encourages more individuals to invest in themselves,
as did the students and alumni in the following articles. The individuals you will read about, and many others, are making education work for them.

Stephen M. Curtis & A.E. Piscopo
Stephen M. Curtis
Stephen M. Curtis, PH.D.
Community College of Philadelphia

A. E. Piscopo
A. E. Piscopo
Community College of Philadelphia Foundation