Expanding the Path to Possibilities

With the Pennsylvania Department
of Education’s recent approval of the
College’s two expansion projects, the
College will have the opportunity to
enhance our ability to serve students,
strengthen and expand instructional
resources and improve the rate of student
success. The approximately $80 million
building project will create a new dining
pavilion at our Main Campus complex,
add new and expanded instructional
space and create a "one-stop" student services center.


Bonnell Building
Renderings of Bonnell Building renovations (above) and the new Pavilion Building (below)
Pavilion Building

At our Northeast Regional Center, the College plans to construct a second building, which will accommodate new degree programs, create a smaller version of the “one-stop” student services center and add much needed, technology rich space.

To fund these new endeavors, the College is turning to both public and private sources, and the Community College of Philadelphia Foundation is planning to launch its first-ever capital campaign. To date, the College has received approval from the state for 50 percent of the required $80 million.

Additionally, the House-approved federal budget includes funding of $282,000 designated for a small business development center as part of the Northeast Regional Center expansion.
Bill Crosby
Bill Cosby, Ed.D., receiving inaugural Bonnell Award at the Pathways Breakfast

Providing leadership for the campaign is Suzanne Sheehan Becker, who has been named the College’s Capital Campaign executive director. She will be responsible for the capital campaign, developing the campaign plan, creating and managing the timetable and ensuring that the campaign is integrated into the College Foundation’s development activities. Becker has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit and higher education sectors as CEO and in executive positions in fundraising, marketing and communications. She has directed programs at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, the Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia University and Women’s Way, where she served as president and CEO. She also has served as executive director of the Children Achieving Challenge.