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Corporate Solutions
Representatives from city, state and federal agencies discuss workforce development programs at an April breakfast
Corporate Solutions
Members of the business community and College faculty and staff attended the breakfast

Graduate! Philadelphia

CORPORATE SOLUTIONS provides courses and programs geared toward working individuals who need a degree to obtain a specific job or advance their career. As a member college of Graduate! Philadelphia, Community College of Philadelphia is dedicated to helping residents earn a college degree and fulfill their career goals. The initiative’s new center in the Gallery near Ninth Street, which opened in February, staffs dedicated counselors that will assist residents in entering or returning to college.

"Corporate Solutions’ ongoing and active involvement in Graduate! Philadelphia’s advisory board has been seen as an asset. We have shared our experiences and creativity in the development of programs, services and marketing tools to better reach adult learners for this important initiative,” according to Timothy M. Sullivan, Ed.D., dean of the Division of Business and Technology.


Corporate College

CORPORATE SOLUTIONS has long been helping working Philadelphians earn their college degree. Through the Corporate College initiative, faculty began teaching onsite at the Police Academy approximately eight years ago. Now, active and retired police officers, corrections officers and their immediate family members have the chance to attend classes at the Police Academy and earn their degree. Currently, there are about 60 students in the program. Throughout the entire year, three courses are offered at the Academy approximately every 10 weeks and include one Justice course, one General Education course and one Social Science or Humanities course.

According to Janis Laurie, director of Corporate College, several individuals continue their education after graduating from the College.


“Many have gone on past the associate’s degree and earned their master’s degree or have gone to law school,” she said.

Individuals already working in the fields of Computer Forensics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) must keep up with the changing technology associated with their occupations. Now, Corporate Solutions is informing these professionals about a special group of courses that will keep them competitive in their careers. Individuals can earn a certificate of completion with three GIS courses or three Computer Forensics courses and immediately boost their work skills.

“Corporate Solutions is working with the College’s Social Sciences department to make the Computer Forensics and Geographic Information Systems certificates of completion available as the result of the merging of technology with the fields of justice and geography,” said Waverly Coleman, executive director of Corporate Solutions. “Individuals that can benefit from the Computer Forensics certificate are employed in fields where computer science can aid in the legal process. The Geographic Information Systems certificate will benefit individuals employed in a wide array of occupations and industries, including government, transportation services and health care.

” For more information about the programs and services that Corporate Solutions offers, please visit or call 215-496-6158.


Rudman Justice Scholarships

As part of a joint venture between the Kal and Lucille Rudman Foundation, the Philadelphia Police Department and the College, Philadelphia police officers are awarded tuition grants that pay for tuition and fees for a three-credit course in the College’s Justice program.

Rudman PortraitThe classes may be taken at the College’s Main Campus, its Regional Centers or at the Police Academy. The Justice program provides an educational foundation for those entering the justice field, or those who are already in the field, in settings including police departments, courts or corrections agencies. Since fall 2002, the Rudmans have given a total of $72,808 to fund 214 "tuition grants."