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Letter from the Presidents

THIS IS A YEAR of remarkable growth for Community College of Philadelphia.

At the Northeast Regional Center, we have strengthened our roots in the community with a new building and services for small businesses. This fall, the new Pavilion on our Main Campus will be complete, as will renovations to the existing West Regional Center facility that will add instructional space. Later this year, the College Foundation’s first ever capital campaign will conclude, and they are on track to meet or even exceed the $10 million goal.

Providing students with improved services and state-of-the-art facilities enables the College to offer the best possible educational experience and the flexibility to adapt to future student needs. Both our new, sustainably designed building and renovations to the existing building at the Northeast Regional Center allow students to earn more degrees entirely at the Northeast, introduce courses not offered previously at the Center and incorporate green design elements, such as fresh air circulation and plentiful natural lighting.

This issue of Pathways focuses on the College’s new energy conservation programs, what green concepts our students are learning to meet new career demands and the importance of sustainability at the College. The cover story examines the developments at the innovative, green corporate complex at The Navy Yard and discusses the benefits of energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction for businesses.

Education itself is a sustainable tool that leads to employment and economic well-being. Students need skills for new and changing occupations, and businesses need talented graduates in order to excel and prosper. Through new facilities and expanded program offerings, we continue to provide paths to emerging careers and endless possibilities for our residents, who are indeed Philadelphia’s most vital renewable resource.

President's Letter

Stephen M. Curtis
Stephen M. Curtis, Ph.D.
Community College of Philadelphia

A. E. Piscopo

Arlene M. Yocum
Community College of Philadelphia Foundation