Letter from the Presidents

The Infusion of Technology Across Industries

Emerging Technologies for Today and Tomorrow

Being technology literate is essential. Individuals must understand and know how to keep up with rapidly advancing technology. Community College of Philadelphia provides students in all programs of study with the know-how that is required for further education and for today’s workplace. In the classroom and the office, technology is streamlining processes, boosting efficiency and increasing accuracy. This is certainly true for one area business, CBS 3 and CW Philly 57, the focus of our cover story. Their new studio at 1500 Spring Garden Street, outfitted with the region’s most advanced equipment, has launched them to the head of their class in Philadelphia.

Our innovative programs featured in this edition prepare students for four-year curricula or for in-demand technology careers that they can begin after graduation from the College. The disparity between skills that are in demand and the skill level of the city’s workforce is expected to widen into the next decade unless students and workers receive the education they need to fill vacant positions. According to a study from the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board, “Jobs that provide a pathway to upward mobility for Philadelphians with little formal education are fading. The strong effects of education on employment and earnings reflect a labor market that puts a higher premium on education than in the past.”

The College continues to tackle this challenge. More than 80 percent of our recent graduates work in Philadelphia, thus transitioning from prepared student to skilled employee. The College’s Dual Admissions programs and transfer agreements help students make a smooth transition to baccalaureate institutions. Corporate Solutions provides customized training and education programs that enable businesses to optimize their employees’ skills and remain competitive in their field.

Job and economic growth are essential for the continued prosperity of Philadelphia and its citizens. The College is committed to the continual development of timely programs and initiatives that help drive this prosperity. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Pathways while learning how the College can help you or your business advance quickly on the Path to Possibilities.™

Stephen M. Curtis & A.E. Piscopo
Stephen M. Curtis
Stephen M. Curtis, PH.D.
Community College of Philadelphia

A. E. Piscopo
A. E. Piscopo
Community College of Philadelphia Foundation