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Faculty Honors and Achievements

Faculty Achievements Abound in 2006Š2007

Our dedicated faculty consistently enhance their skills and expand their knowledge in order to give students a thorough educational experience. The following successes are only a sampling of the awards, presentations and activities that our faculty have participated in this year:

Four faculty members presented papers at the 13th Annual National Conference of Asian Studies Development program in Seattle, Washington, in March 2007. On a panel titled “Leaping Cultural, Temporal and Social Divides in Literature,” Fay Beauchamp, Ph.D., (English) presented “Dancing from The Tale of Genji to Fairy Tale: A Transcultural Model;” Lakshmi Gudipati (English) presented “Karnad’s The Fire and the Rain: A Post-Modern Play for the Global

Faith Watson
Faith C. Watson
Audience;” and Faith C. Watson (English) presented “Duong Thu Huong: Politically Compromised or Compromisingly Crazy?” On a panel titled “Cultural Representations in the Asian Performing Arts,” Arlene Caney (Music) presented “Perceptions of the Foreigner in Asian Theater,” developed from her trip to China in summer 2006.

Kathleen Harter (Chemistry) and Randy Libros (Physics and Engineering) offered a workshop on Nanotechnology as part of College Connection for Advanced Technology (CCAT), sponsored by Drexel University.

Arkady Kitover, Ph.D., (Math) had his paper, “Invariant Sublattices of Positive Operators,” accepted for publication in the journal Indagnationes Mathematicae.

Paula Behrens
Paula Behrens

Paula Behrens (Architecture, Design and Construction) and Michael Stern (Architecture, Design and Construction) assembled a panel discussion at the national conference of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) held in Philadelphia in March 2007. They discussed the Architecture program at the College and spoke about larger issues regarding diversity and the future of the architecture profession.