April 2004

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or by interoffice mail to room M1-24.

Faculty and Staff on the Move

Mei-Ling Hom, associate professor of Art, is exhibiting through April 17 at the Fleisher Ollman Gallery, 1616 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. The show features sculpture, drawing and installation.

Untitled, Grey Cloud, vermont marble, 8.5x14x6 inches, 2003

Hom also received a Window of Opportunity grant for a collaboration with a composer of Chinese music for a sound/sculptural installation at the exhibit.

Stephen S. Katz, adjunct professor of History, received a grant from the Foreign Policy Research Institute to attend the two-day, 2004 History Institute for Teachers conference, New Perspectives on the Genesis of the USA. The seminar will take place June 5-6 at the Gregg Conference Center of the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. The program will feature lectures by leading scholars in several fields, including a keynote address by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Gordon Wood.

Millie Lane-Berg, professor of Early Childhood Education, was invited to participate in a project by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities as a scholar of children's literature.

Lynette Brown-Sow, vice president for marketing and government relations, and Carole I. Smith, Trustee, were presented with African American Women Movers and Shakers awards at a ceremony on March 21 at City Hall. The awards recognize women who are in positions to create opportunities for African Americans.