Community College of Philadelphia

Academic Programs

Center Programs

The following academic programs constitute the Center for Law and Society:

Paralegal Studies (A.A.S. degree) is approved by the American Bar Association and provides entry into this fast-growing legal career. For more information about Paralegal Studies, contact Linda Hibbs at

Justice (A.A.S. degree or certificate) provides a sound foundation for careers in the exciting field of criminal justice. For information about Justice, contact Thomas Quinn at

Computer Forensics (A.A.S. degree) addresses the increasing demand for trained computer forensics technicians. For more information about Computer Forensics, contact Pamela King at

Geographic Information Systems (A.A.S degree or certificate) offers training in the emerging field of geospatial technology. For more information about GIS, contact Rachel Weeden at

Fire Science (A.A.S. degree) offers training and the academic background needed for a career in fire science. For more information about Fire Science, contact Thomas Garrity at