2006 College Graduates
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Association of Former Students

Did you know that over 650,000 people have come to Community College of Philadelphia to achieve their educational goals? You are a member of a thriving community of former students; a proud community of learners who got their start right here.

Community College of Philadelphia graduates are doing great things and we want to be sure that you stay connected, keep us informed of your successes and take advantage of all of the exciting things the College still has to offer, such as: Career Seminars - Networking Events - Regional Center Special Events - Discounts - Health Services - eNewsletter with College Updates and Information

As a former student, you are also eligible to upgrade your connection to the College with lifetime access to the computer lab and the library. This is available for a one-time CCP Connect fee of $50. Click here to purchase your CCP Connect pass.

Gym access is also available for an annual fee of $60.