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Associate in Arts (A.A.)
A degree for those who plan to transfer to bachelor’s degree-granting institutions.

The College offers the following A.A. degree programs:
Architecture* | Program Brochure
Art and Design*
Business | Program Brochure
Business Administration | Program Brochure
Communication Studies
Culture, Science and Technology | Program Brochure
Education – Early Childhood (Birth to 4th Grade)
Education – Middle Level (4th to 8th Grades)
Education – Secondary Humanities/Social Studies Education Option
   | Program Brochure
Education – Secondary Math/Science Option | Program Brochure
Health Services Management | Program Brochure
Interior Design* | Program Brochure
International Studies | Program Brochure
Liberal Arts – General Option | Program Brochure
Liberal Arts – Honors Option*
Liberal Arts – Religious Studies Option | Program Brochure
Liberal Arts – Social/Behavioral Science Option | Program Brochure
Management of Computer Information Technology | Program Brochure
Mass Media
Music – Non-Performance Option* | Program Brochure
Music – Performance Option* | Program Brochure

Associate in Science (A.S.)
A degree for those who plan to transfer to bachelor’s degree-granting institutions.

The College offers the following A.S. degree programs:
Computer Science* | Program Brochure
Engineering Science* | Program Brochure
Mathematics* | Program Brochure
Science* | Program Brochure

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)
A degree that provides students career specific skills leading directly to employment. Students with this degree may also transfer to bachelor’s degree-granting institutions.

The College offers the following A.A.S. degree programs:
American Sign Language/English Interpreting (INT)*
Applied Science and Engineering Technology | Program Brochure
Applied Studies*
Automotive Technology – Automotive Management and Marketing Option
    | Program Brochure
Automotive Technology – Automotive Service Technology Option | Program

Behavioral Health/Human Services* | Program Brochure
Building Science
Chemical Technology | Program Brochure
Clinical Laboratory Technician* | Program Brochure
Computer-Assisted Design Technology | Program Brochure
Computer Forensics | Program Brochure
Computer Information Systems – Information Technology | Program

Construction Management | Program Brochure
Culinary Arts | Program Brochure
Dental Hygiene* | Program Brochure
Diagnostic Medical Imaging* | Program Brochure
Digital Video Production
Facility Management – Construction Option | Program Brochure
Facility Management – Design Option | Program Brochure
Fire Science | Program Brochure
Geographic Information Systems | Program Brochure
Hospitality Management | Program Brochure
Justice | Program Brochure
Nursing* | Program Brochure
Paralegal Studies* | Program Brochure
Patient Service Representative | Program Brochure
Photographic Imaging | Program Brochure
Respiratory Care Technology*
Sound Recording and Music Technology* | Program Brochure

Academic Certificate Programs

Academic Certificates
Academic certificates prepare students for a variety of opportunities, including workplace preparation. Academic Certificates require two semesters of college-level English and one semester of College-level math. All course work transfers seamlessly into the College’s associate’s degree programs.

The College offers the following academic certificates:
Computer-Assisted Design Technology Academic Certificate
Creative Writing Academic Certificate | Program Brochure
Disability Studies Academic Certificate*
Energy Conservation Academic Certificate
Geographic Information Systems Academic Certificate | Program Brochure
Human Services Academic Certificate*
Justice Academic Certificate | Program Brochure
Recovery and Transformation Academic Certificate*
Social Gerontology Academic Certificate*
Youth Work Academic Certificate

*Select program: please refer to the curriculum description for program entrance requirements.

Proficiency Certificates
Proficiency certificates are short-term, focused course offerings that are primarily developed to prepare students for employment. Students may also continue their education, since all credits received through the proficiency certificates transfer seamlessly into an academic certificate or associate’s degree program in a related field. Students may be eligible for financial aid for proficiency certificates consisting of 16 or more credits.

The College offers the following proficiency certificates:
Automotive Service Proficiency Certificate
Billing/Financial Service Representative Proficiency Certificate
Biomedical Technician Proficiency Certificate
Biotechnology Proficiency Certificate
Clinical Assistant Proficiency Certificate
Computer Programming and Software Development Proficiency Certificate
Digital Imaging Proficiency Certificate
Geographic Information Systems Proficiency Certificate
Medical Insurance Billing Proficiency Certificate
Medical Office Assistant Proficiency Certificate
Network and Systems Administration Proficiency Certificate
Patient Service Representative Proficiency Certificate
Process Technology I Proficiency Certificate
Professional Cooking Proficiency Certificate
Receptionist and Office Clerk Proficiency Certificate
Recovery and Transformation Proficiency Certificate
Social and Human Service Assistant Proficiency Certificate
Youth Work Proficiency Certificate