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Middle States Accreditation

The Middle States Monitoring Report is due March 1, 2015.  The current draft of the Monitoring Report is available for your review.  Earlier drafts were reviewed by a number of people but particularly by the Monitoring Report Work Group chaired by Abbey Wexler and me. Their guidance has been particularly helpful. Comments will be accepted through February 16th. To best understand the context of the report, you may want to review the Middle States document on Follow-up Reports and the Middle States document on Student Learning Assessment, particularly the section on assessment at the program level.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on the report.
Judy Gay

Middle States Monitoring Report Draft 2.2.15

The Middle States document for follow up reports

The Middle States document assessing student learning

Please take these questions into consideration when commenting.

  1. Does the report clearly document compliance with the standard?
  2. Is the focus on the past and present, not future intentions?
  3. Is there evidence that results of assessment are used to improve teaching and learning?
  4. Is the report forthright and honest?
  5. Is the report concise and well- organized?