Enrollment Management/Retention Communications Form

This process has been created to enhance the distribution of information to all areas involved in direct contact with students. Any information that is important to the student enrollment process should be entered into this system. The posted information will be entered into a database that can be searched. In addition the messages will be sent to a LISTERV consisting of all areas involved in the enrollment process. The message will be distributed immediately! There will be no approval process so it is important that you make sure the information posted is correct and the spelling and grammar have been checked. It is advisable to create the text of the message offline in Word, then use copy and paste to place it on the form.

Anything that will better inform those dealing with student intake is appropriate for posting in this system. This includes information about advertising campaigns, communications mailed to students, mailing of brochures, changes in courses or programs, changes in course prerequisites, calendar events (payment due dates, evening test or registrations, deadlines for financial aid, etc.).

Go to the following link to place a message in the system. Add Enrollment Management/Retention Communications Event

The events posted will be entered into an Access database that can be searched by date, category, or contact person. This provides the people involved with the enrollment process to recall messages that pertain to a current situation. Click on the following link for access to the search. Search Enrollment Management/Retention Communications Event Database

Correction Procedure: If you entered information incorrectly, it will appear as entered and cannot be retrieved. Send a correction message to notify all of the correction. Bea Jones, Victoria King-Garwood, and Jerome Phillips can fix the entry on the database to avoid getting the wrong information via the search process. E-mail them directly to have the entry fixed.