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Fact Book Glossary

ANNUAL FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT (FTE) ENROLLMENT - The total of all semester FTEs divided by two. A student counted as 1.0 semester FTE in the fall and .5 semester FTEs in the spring would equal a .75 annual FTE. Summer FTEs are added to fall and spring FTEs so that a student enrolled in summer, fall and spring terms can count as more than one FTE for State-funding purposes.

ANNUAL UNDUPLICATED HEADCOUNT ENROLLMENT - Unduplicated count of students enrolled during the fiscal year. The fiscal year consists of the summer II, fall, spring, and summer I semesters. In developing this measure, a student counts only once irrespective of the number of terms for which they enroll in a fiscal year.

CAREER PROGRAM - A program primarily designed for students who plan to enter the workforce upon receipt of their degree.

CONTINUING STUDENT - Any enrolled student who previously enrolled in any prior term at the College.

CREDIT STUDENT - Any student enrolled in at least one credit course at the College.

FRESHMAN - A student with fewer than 25 earned credits.

FULL TIME STUDENT - Students registered for 12 or more credits in a semester.

GPA (Grade Point Average) - The grade point average (GPA) is calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours for the course by the number of quality points earned (determined by the grade received for that course, where A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0). After doing this multiplication for each course, total the results. The grade point average for the semester may then be calculated by dividing the total number of quality points received by the total number of credit hours for all the courses for which grades were received.

MAIN CAMPUS - Spring Garden Street Campus.

MAJOR - This term is used interchangeably with 'Program' in College publication and student services.

NEIGHBORHOOD SITES - Class locations other than Main Campus or Regional Centers.

NEW STUDENT - Any student who is registered at the College for the first time. Unless otherwise specified, this also includes transfer students with no prior registration history at the College.

NON-CREDIT STUDENT - Student enrolled in courses for which the College awards no credits and which are not eligible for federal and state financial aid programs. (This does not include developmental students).

OFF-CAMPUS - All locations other than Main Campus.

OFFICIAL WITHDRAWAL (20%) DATE - The point in the semester which, by State regulations, a student is determined to be officially enrolled. In the 15-week fall and spring terms, this date occurs at the end of the third week. Students enrolled at the 20% date are counted in official enrollment numbers even if they subsequently withdraw after this date.

PART TIME STUDENT - Students registered for fewer than 12 credits in a semester.

REGIONAL CENTER - Any one of the College's three regional education centers located in the Northeast, Northwest, and West sections of the City.

SEMESTER FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) ENROLLMENT - An enrollment measure defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for funding and accountability purposes. Part-time student enrollments are converted to a full-time equivalency by adding all the credits attempted by part-time students in the semester and dividing the sum by 12, which is the minimum number of credits for a full-time status. This figure is added to the number of full-time students taking 12 or more credits in the semester to yield the semester FTE enrollment. FTE enrollments in a semester will always be smaller than headcount enrollments, especially in programs with many part-time students.

SEMESTER HEADCOUNT ENROLLMENT - The total number of different students enrolled in a specified term. A student counts as one no matter how many credit hours they are taking.

SOPHOMORE - A student who has completed 25 or more credits.

STUDENT CREDIT HOURS - Number of credits taken by one or a group of students. A class of 24 students in a 3-credit course generates 72 student credit hours.

TRANSFER PROGRAM - A program primarily designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution after completing their studies at the College.

UNDUPLICATED HEADCOUNT - A term or year count of the number of different students enrolled. A student counts as one irrespective of the number of courses or terms in which they are enrolled.

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